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I have 19 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Shy (Prologue) (Part 1)

This is the prologue to a children's/YA novel. The prologue is written in the style of a fairytale, but the rest of the novel is not. Hope you enjoy...

The Thing That Lives Under the Hill (Chapter 2)

Some more of the novel that I posted the other week. This is just the first part of Chapter 2, althought, to be honest, this is such a raw, early...
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The Thing That Lives Under the Hill (Chapter 1)

This is the opening to a novel. The title is very much provisional. No clue what it will be called yet. Enjoy. ..................................

Big Man (Part 2)

He started by asking a lady who ‘Linda’ was. Her mother, came the answer. And why was it that Linda’s presence was causing him to feel a harshness in...

Big Man (Part 1)

There was the low murmur of a hundred conversations as we entered the half-lit theatre. For a while we stumbled about like blind people, long enough...