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And He Called It The Devil (Part 1)

The twins weren't bullies. Nothing like that. They just liked to have a laugh. You had to have a laugh, if you wanted to get through on the farm. It...

The Lighthouse (Part 1)

At the end of the 1994 video game Monkey Boy: The Lost Isle, just as you complete the final level and the credits start to roll, something very...

My Lump of Flesh

When the night is cold And the blanket gone When the fire's out And no heating on It is you who will warm me With every stroke and caress Because you...

David's Face

For as long as David could remember, people had been telling him to cheer up. Even when he felt happy, people said it. “You are allowed to smile, you...
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Astrobleme (Part 2)

Without even meaning to, I step back a tad, like stepping back from the heat from an oven. 'Sorry, madam. It's just,' I try a different tack, 'we're...