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I have 503 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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The Man From Naples

The man stepped off the Greyhound bus on the corner of Pacific and Maple sweating humming of garlic Al Green's 'How Do You Mend A Broken Heart'...

A Chip Shop Circle

'It's cold isn't it? I'll have a brandy when we get there.' There was an aura surrounding a rising sickle moon that was giving clues about the...

Come On You Blues

8:30am. The alarm clock triggers its quadraphonic jangle, ricochets off the walls and splices into my brain like a swarm of hot bullets. It remains...

Grapes Of Gracia: Barcelona New Years Morning 2002

So we gulp the grapes of midnight with the pips of the new year you double up and it's funny cava and dribble you naughty thing your doctor would be...

Kelly's Eye

from the top of it on clear mornings like today you can see Brighton my hometown they say i'm not craving salty sea air that much just ice cream a...