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City in the rain (IP)

Children three, their Mum and me, leave the train, to brave the rain, out from the station, been told there are signs, scanning everywhere, holding hands and bags, and chair,

A train journey

One is nearly two, and two are three, then there’s Mum, and also me – to help. How long will it be? trying different seats, exploring, views from windows, rain is pouring,

From a window

screeching kerfuffle …

Mma Ramotswe’s Little White Van (IP)

(with apologies to Alexander McCall Smith) No one can ever love you like I do. I couldn’t love that van reliable, and new, so comfortable, smoothly humming, shiny blue,

Too clever to see (IP)

Egg-hunt with a difference (based on a true story) She gave them each a plastic egg, – the kind you can unscrew, and sent them out to search for what