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StoryGolden Blast at the Roadside Rhiannonw719 hours 12 min ago
StorySetting Sun skinner_jennifer823 hours 37 min ago
StoryPad Life: Clean Moggie, Yellow Moggie airyfairy81 day 6 hours ago
StoryThree Crosses at Calvary Rhiannonw01 day 6 hours ago
StoryThe Man in the Dark Cloak Lily Ann22 days 4 hours ago
StoryReflect skinner_jennifer142 days 12 hours ago
StoryGoing Down Below Rhiannonw72 days 18 hours ago
Storychange of address Di_Hard242 days 19 hours ago
StoryTha's Going To Halifax forest_for_ever62 days 21 hours ago
StoryIs God alive? Rhiannonw03 days 6 hours ago
StoryMountain airyfairy93 days 21 hours ago
StoryDaffodil Bands Rhiannonw104 days 17 hours ago
StoryLady’s Smock (Milk-maids or Cuckoo-flower) Rhiannonw54 days 17 hours ago
StorySnowdrop Rhiannonw94 days 17 hours ago
StoryPussy Willows Rhiannonw94 days 17 hours ago
StoryLesser Celandine Rhiannonw44 days 17 hours ago
StoryWhy Brexit must not be denied. hilary west45 days 22 min ago
StoryOcean Scene skinner_jennifer105 days 2 hours ago
StoryCone Of Enlightenment skinner_jennifer125 days 2 hours ago
StoryAffected by this Issue Philip Sidney45 days 3 hours ago
StoryWhere is he? Where is she? Rhiannonw85 days 6 hours ago
StoryHow should we pray? Rhiannonw25 days 17 hours ago
StoryLike To Remember skinner_jennifer171 week 17 hours ago
StoryThis Life Richard L. Prov...61 week 19 hours ago


My stories

Three Crosses at Calvary

[Easter Sunday — Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] One man on a cross insulted his neighbour by mocking this sufferer who could be his Saviour...

Golden Blast at the Roadside

Sudden spillage on the verges, orchard, lawns – molten gold explosions, splashes, brilliant swarms: dandelions’ moment, reflecting sudden sunshine...

Is God alive?

You can’t believe there’s a God who is good? complain he doesn’t do (yet) what you think he should? assume that Jesus just can’t have been what is...

Going Down Below

[This short poem was written, at request, for the Thanksgiving Service for a dear very elderly man who had had a working life as a skilful and dedicated mining engineer, though when asked of his occupation he would simply say ‘A miner’. I remembered Ewan’s writing on a colliery disaster in the 19th century, and thought it good to remember those who worked hard to improve and keep safety in industry.] Deep shafts, black gold, dark collier shifts …

Where is he? Where is she?

First long journey on his own – we’d meet mid-way at Birmingham. Dad at home, the telephone rings: ‘Will you accept this call?’ A voice begins, ‘I’ve...


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I like this very much, too. I

Posted on Wed, 20 Jun 2018

I like this very much, too. I remember the word 'phototropism' from biology experiments on plants growing towards the light, but hadn't though of 'heliotropism' indicating turning towards the sun. And so I hadn't realised that is where the name...

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Posted in Heliotropism

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Very credible situation with

Posted on Wed, 14 Mar 2018

Very credible situation with his Dad. Interesting how it comes out here the real concern his mother does have for him, and his awareness of that, though their communication together is difficult.  In some ways his special phobias/worries seem to...

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Posted in Jack Mutant - Which Way is Down? (part fourteen)

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Thought-provoking, Jean, and

Posted on Fri, 12 Feb 2016

Thought-provoking, Jean, and I can empathize with much that is on your mind. As a family, when I was growing up we didn't kiss, hug, or say 'I love you' much, but I think we were at ease with each other and had a warmth of expression in greeting...

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Posted in I Hate the Word Love

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You do seem to be able to

Posted on Mon, 05 Oct 2015

You do seem to be able to describe his thinking very naturally, and his observations, looking into the water, noticing the small life, and drifting into imaginations.
Then suddenly the tensions, mirrored a bit by his grandad's tensions. It...

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Posted in Jake Mutant - Chapter Four

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Welcome, you are new here,

Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2015

Welcome, you are new here, aren't you? You've drawn out an interesting and tender theme here.
I liked the thoughtfulness of  'As the passion that they share Crescendos with great care.'

Personally I would have liked a...

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Posted in The Embrace

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This reminded me of when my

Posted on Wed, 07 Jan 2015

This reminded me of when my son was being taught about the 'rules of composition' for music, and I worried he would lose what seemed to be spontaneous and individual intuition for what would make interesting sound. He assured me it wouldn't, but...

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Posted in The Discovered Unartist

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Trying to see where you're

Posted on Thu, 18 Dec 2014

Trying to see where you're coming from in this, PT. It's because of the suffering, death, sin, that God is doing something. I know we would like him to sort it all out at ths moment,  but just like the prophecies concerning his first...

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Posted in Broken Faith

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Stephen, I don't manage to

Posted on Thu, 11 Dec 2014

Stephen, I don't manage to dip much into the prose section, and horror and surreal isn't really my scene – I didn't even like 'Alice in Wonderland' as a child! However I did find reading this intriguing for the well-structured brevity, and the...

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Posted in Shadow Cooking

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Thanks, I appreciate your

Posted on Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Thanks, I appreciate your interest at analysis, Stephen. My background is Welsh and Welsh poetry which makes a lot of use of repetition of consonants or part words to form unbotrusive patterns to help the impact of verse. (In its technical...

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Posted in No Ties (IP)

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I like the encouragement of

Posted on Tue, 16 Apr 2019

I like the encouragement of viewing a static house and being inspired to think, as of a film running, of the happenings and occupants over so many years.Inside the envelope, as you say!

Her smile a scent forgot is a lovely line...

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Posted in change of address