Coastal Path

Gathering together the verses I've written about different aspects of walking on the coastal path

The coastal path, nr Trefin, May (1) flowers

Gale tugging at hats, and whipping the waves, white horses cresting the rolling swells, rich golden gorse, and patches of bluebells, ox-eyes* and sea...

Coastal path – (2) sound

High above the ocean, sea swells in motion – rounding smooth crags, pounding rock snags of splintering rocks splitting the surge, tossing away into...

Coastal Path (3) – birds

Martins swoop, and loop the loop – out from the cliff whizz out to scoop unseen insects, whirl return: too fast to click a fly-past pic. Gulls upon a...

Coastal Path (4) Pen Dinas/Dinas Head

Down the twisty, steep and narrow lane, walk the headland, almost island, up and up, wide sea green, bursts of golden gorse; pass the Needle rock...

on the cliff path

We’re high above the sea; – it stretches far away … One boat in all that desert; we see a cormorant dive – so out of sight there teems …

Coastal Path (5) – Horses

… no place for pampered horse – these, sturdy, dour with windswept manes unkempt survive, foot-sure.


Millstone becalmed, stock-still above the cove … memorial to bygone tale of bustling vale –


Swelling, surging, heaving … placid calm, bright and blue …

on the Coast path 2/5/17

Dazzling gorse with its coconut smell, carpets of sparkling starry squill …


Eight choughs standing on the fence in a row – red in beak and red in toe, zoom the camera those three to better see – they’ve turned this way – to...

Remoteness Day and Night

High above Rhossili beach* – dramatic, wide expanse of sand … far from the nearest city glow … the dazzle of the jewelled night.
Gold cherry

Arrival – Evening Wander

[04/05/19 North Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, Trefin] Evening golden sunlight, sharp keen sea wind, wander down to the cliff path … : refreshed.
Gold cherry


Late evening ‘blow’ – a golden hue on the western horizon between cloud and sea, the sun still behind the cloud; walk on a little northwards around...

Memories of May in North Pembrokeshire

Spring squill’s blue starlets sparkle the cliff’s stunted turf, salt in the air as the waves crash below, sea winds shaking out mental cobwebs,...
Gold cherry

Coastal Cottage (Pembrokeshire)

(painting J Maddocks) White-washed cottage … Sometimes ocean calm … sometimes grey and wild …