For children

grouping together some of my verse that especially has children in mind

A 2-year old’s Birthday Perplexities

feel puzzled and dazzled … I think I’ll just go up to bed!

A 5-year old’s bedroom (IP)

I open my eyes, and what do I see? My own little world that is just for me – the curtains whose shapes and figures I weave into stories of heroes and...

A ‘little bit’ of what you fancy … (IP)

A little runny honey is lovely to lick, but a lot just makes my tummy sick; and chocolate too is yummy, but it makes me feel so funny if I stuff...

An 18 month-old meets Penelope the Penguin

‘Hello! I’m Penelope the Penguin’ (Mum wriggling bright hand puppet) “He-ow” (huge smile from ear to ear, shining eyes) …

Back-seat kids!

Stop that bickering in the back! …

Caring Restraint!

I’ll hold your hand for your own good – you cannot see the things that could be dangerous, hurt, or make you fall – I’ll hold your hand while you are small! I’ll hold your hand

Colours for Kids 10)

Coal and soot and the sky at night (before the moon has risen to shed some light), the patches on a panda, dark stripes across the zebra, the telly...

Colours for Kids 11)

Bananas and daffodils, egg yolk and butter …

Colours for Kids 4)

Snow newly fallen, and milk in the cup, a fresh piece of paper before …

Colours for Kids 5)

… pretty pink blossom of a cherry tree drifting down like pink-petal snow …

Colours for Kids 7)

Blackcurrant* squash and deep purple pansies, Teletubbies’ Tinky winky, purple ‘red*’ cabbage, the velvet of the queen’s crown, – and the mountain...

Colours for Kids 8)

Grey school trousers, skirts and socks, grey rain clouds, and seaside rocks, grey knives and forks, and grandad’s hair, roads and pavements...

Colours for Kids 9)

Oranges and clementines, satsumas too, carrots for dinner or a snack to chew, orange goldfish in a bowl swim round and round, traffic cones with...


Hung on the gallows he built for another (of KIng Xerxes and Haman's plot)

from the bus' mouth …

"Twenty past nine, at the village green, the forthcoming happenings as yet unseen. Who would be coming along to pay and purchase a ticket for town today? …

Grave Visit (IP)

Black boots, brown boots in a line … ‘Look sad, ’cos smiling’s not permitted’, John said, to make me laugh or squeak …

How long is high?

‘Mary can reach the table bottom, I can reach the top, Dan can reach the curtain rail – but where does growing stop? ‘Dad can’t reach the ceiling,...

I’m Bertie the bus! (IP)

Twenty past nine, at the village green, the forthcoming happenings as yet unseen. Who would be coming along to pay and purchase a ticket for town today?


On prematurely awaking from a car-nap, Little boy lost …, Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”, How long is high?, A 5-year old’s bedroom

Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”

Nearly 3, hide behind a tree – “You can’t see me!” though a spotty anorak is sticking out from round the back! “You can’t see me!” Yes, I know I forgot to go

The Clever Little Bike (IP)

There was a thief who stole a bike – the little bike he did not like the thief who pedalled him away – determined that he would not stay upon his...

Learning Counting 3, 4, 5 …

1, 2, 3 Breakfast, lunch and tea Mummy, Daddy, me: 1, 2, 3 … Now we’ve got 1 more 3 and 1 makes 4 …

Kids’ Contrasts

The giraffe is tall, the fly is small, the sun gives light – so it’s dark at night. The snail is slow – but watch the cars go – fast! – keep away!...
Gold cherry

The seasons' round

Autumn leaves are falling down falling down, falling down …