Grand Designs

Amazement at the complexity of design in nature, indicating a Designer: designs that help and inspire human designers of machine improvements etc.

Bacteria-popping surfaces!

re Cicada wings On the surface of the wings an hexagonal array of blunted spikes, nanoscopic pillars – don’t look potential killers; … a safe, non-chemical disinfectant!


— The extreme intricacy of the structure of living tissue!


The yellow desert scorpion survives when sand whirls, whips; electo-microscopy has shown fine detail that equips and halves the rate of sand-erosion (checked out by computer simulation)

Biomimetics 2: “Shrilk”

A ‘plastic’ called shrilk, made from shrimps and silk: clever designers discovering Creator’s designs, mimicking. The cuticle of arthropods is an exoskeleton

Brr!! Woof!! and Penguins

Brr!! Woof!! Why don’t the little doggies’ paws freeze when its icy out of doors? their pads have freeze-resistant fat but also, and on top of that

Such Surprising Things (IP)

It is a suprising thing that birds can sing so well. It is a surprising fact to tell that they have tracked their way around our sphere – their brains do not appear sufficient size

of crickets and grasshoppers …

Hear the little cricket ‘sing’, using teeth upon its wing (raised to help acoustically), ‘heard’ by membrane on its knee. Grasshoppers upon a farm –

The Elephant’s Trunk

40,000 muscles in a powerful limb that can branches rip, pick a single pin, with its mobile tip, yet can dig for moisture, without skin’s rupture. It’s a long sucking nose

Woodpecker’s shock-absorbers

Hammering rapidly: force on its head that is greater than 1000 g*. (If banged at just 300g, we’d be concussed, or our brains would be messed.) Specialised structure of bones and tendons,

Leafy lifecycle

When comes the end of winter’s cold, squeezed-up tiny leaves unfold, … The cooling of late summer air activity triggers to prepare … When comes the end of winter’s cold …

The Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder (IP)

… if such a fading face should smile, just like a Cheshire Cat a disembodied mouth profile we’d see – who’d fancy that?! …

No more ‘junk DNA’

The ‘brain’ of each cell has DNA-genes, chemical coding builds, guides its ‘machines’. “Ninety-eight percent useless junk”, they thought , “– evolution’s left-overs

The Plant Hopper’s Gears

The plant hopper hops from leaf to leaf, two legs together, or they’d come to grief, with a lop-sided jump they’d just have a bump, so the legs move...

What those Galapagos finches don’t teach

Darwin observing natural selection of finches with different beaks, thought this a picture of life’s evolution, but there never was any brand new information …

A is for Aardvark –

with a nose like a pig (though longer); it’s stronger, and able to dig; its burrow is made at speeds that exceed six men who are digging at speed...

No Crash-Landings!

How does the busy little bee land neatly on the breeze-blown tree? The engineer scratched his head, ‘Why do our robots crash instead – we’ve done...

Amazing Archer!

Hawkeye of the world of fishes, powerful arrow rarely misses: looking out from under water somehow knows just where it oughter …

What am I?

I have a special bubble in my bladder …


Thoughts struggle, buzz, boggle – intensive scientific gaze can’t grasp or fully know, the detail of activity in minute, infinitesimal maze, as...

Weeds …

… may be destructive to perfect swards, but focus your view and see how attractive the shape and the hue, the markings and texture, the details of...

Biomimetics (3) ‘Gecko-type’ tape

They imitate those gecko feet with their microscopic hairs* – the tape’s stick’s strong, but they can’t repeat attachment and detachment long …

Sleep Refreshment

but when we are asleep … removing bad things, internally flushing, refreshing and clearing the mind …

How many molecular switches in your brain?

How many stars in the Milky Way? How many nerve links in part of my brain? How many switches, – well, now they can say more than the number of computers and routers,

The tiniest motor

In all the trillions of your cells there are motors nano-size … they spin around, so squeezing … co-ordinated circles of chemical activity

The Mimic Octopus*

This octopus can mimic as its body morphs like plastic: it can flatten out, and trail its arms, and swim like a banded sole; it can make itself look...

That Myth!

There once was a myth that all fauna were derived from a kind of amoeba …

Amazing ‘eyes’ that hypnotize

‘Eyes’ that mesmerize – apparent stillness in the midst of rattling tail of stunning iridescence …

The Golden Ratio

Mathematical analysis of aesthetically pleasing shapes … golden ratio … beauty – why?

???? …

How does a caterpillar change and all its innards rearrange into a dainty butterfly? …

Mystery in the Chrysalis

How does the caterpillar change, and all its innards rearrange? Emerging from its egg with lumps, inactive miniscule disc-bumps to one day form leg-...