Songs/verse about the incarnation (God becoming man) according to his plan, to bring Life and pardon and fellowship with him, to those who will repent and believe/receive. Also about the celebrations that are supposed to be linked to such remembrances.

(There are a number of songs/hymns about Christmas and the incarnation events in December of each year I have posted in my 'Sunday Songs' collection)

Also, the last of the 'December acrostic' is in the Advent Calendar collection and some others.

0 BC, 0 AD, 0 CE – Chosen Moment

A pinpointed time, appointment divine, historical era; a famous, poor manger, unwelcoming shelter, to hold the Creator.

A manger-crib [4. of series based on old carols]

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] [4. based on 'Away in a manger'] No crib, just a manger to lay down his head, his mother must place him where cattle had fed. Though he is …

Advent Step 1)

‘He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel’ Genesis 3:15 That Tempter with his scheme of hate by human Son at coming date would have his despot power crushed,

Advent Step 2) ‘But you, Bethlehem, Ephrathah…

Two and a half millenia ago Christ’s coming was foretold,… And so those wise who came from far to find the newborn king, whose star they’d seen, the prophet’s words were told, – went on to Bethlehem with their gold.

Advent Step 3) Symbols

‘a Saviour has been born to you …’ (Luke 2:11) ‘Look the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’ (John 1:29) Who could be sufficient human, perfect,

Advent Step 4) And he will be called …

‘ The people walking in darkness have seen a great light … to us a child is born, to us a son is given … And he will be called … ’ Isaiah 9:2-7 (and Matthew 4:14-16)

Advent Step 6) Announcement to Mary

‘You will be with child …’ Luke 1:31 Awesome message, astounding privilege, miraculous conception, eternal King of human birth, Spirit Holy bringing forth;

Advent Step 7) Announcement to Joseph

Joseph puzzled, message sent in dream, child so specially conceived by God’s Spirt is to be Saviour of his people, he will save them from their sins, so Joseph was to name him ‘Jesus’

Advent Step 8) Announcement to the Shepherds

Humble shepherds told the news, by messenger who awed, with glory of the Lord shining all around: good news of greatest joy a Saviour born, he’s Lord and Christ, a baby boy in manger laid.

Advent Step 9) The Birth

God in a stable - and holding the sky: truth, not a fable, - to taste not deny! God in a stable - our Prince and our Priest: spreading a table, - eternity’s feast!

Advent Step5) Prophecy of the coming of John, the Baptist

‘I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me.’ ‘In the desert prepare the way for the LORD.’ Malachi 3:1 and Isaiah 40:3 A promised messenger to speak, prepare

Blest merriment: Global news 3. of series based on old carols

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] [3. based on the carol 'God rest you merry gentlemen]… Bringing news of real comfort and joy, comfort and joy …

Come! See! [6. of series based on old carols]

O come, all you faithless … see the wonder in Bethlehem. Baby, King Jesus, born to be our proxy. O come, do not ignore him, O come, bow now before him, receive his gifts, adore him, Christ, the Lord …

Cracking the …

… Christmas Cracker A hat (crown) a gift (tawdry) a joke (groan). … Christmas Mystery King Jesus (crowned), gives gift (greatest),

December Christmas Acrostic — 'A'

Awaiting hope eternal, bright, Advent of One with truth and light Announcement – Christ will mediate, Arrival we will celebrate, abundant joy for...

December Christmas Acrostic — 'I'

Illuminations light-up dark December skies. Inward ignorance enlightened, making wise. Inside my heart, joy warms, ignites a song – I want to tell of God who came, incarnate, God and man, and soon in peace will reign.

December Christmas Acrostic — 'L' [and previous]

Learn of this love that sent us a Saviour, Lean on that love that offers such succour, leave all that promises fun, but brings but harm, lose rubbish and lies for peace and calm, light to see clearly the pathway to heaven, love shared with others as we are forgiven, life of the spirit through trials will sing.

December Christmas Acrostic — 'X' [and previous]

X – a crucifixion cross for which he came, X – wrong thought, if thinking there’s another saving name, X – no, not just a kindly man, X – marks the spot, where, in Bethlehem it all began. ‘X’mas celebration, sing ‘X’ must stand for Christ, the King!

December Christmas Acrostic — 'Y'

Yearly festival, not just yuletide feasting, but be blessed — young or old can all remember you and I may know the Saviour yesterday, today for ever.

December shopping

Oh, for calmness in the clamour and the shove of grabbing greed and plastic love:

Emmanuel (= God with us) 1. of series based on old carols

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] [1, based on the carol 'O come, O come, Emmanuel'] O come, O come, Emmanuel, all people need good news – Noël* to give life purpose … Rejoice, Emmanuel has come – the Light to shine for everyone.…

From Purity to Mess, to bless

… And now He can burst into any man or woman flood out the strife and mess distress and selfishness with joy and Life.

From right outside this universe …

From right outside this universe, and this material sphere, came One, confusion to reverse, with truth for us to hear, truth that is true, unchangeable,

From the east to the King-child in the house

Gold, and frankincense, and myrrh: gifts so costly, rich and rare: kingly honour, infant Saviour, – Jesus our sins would bear. ch : See the Gentiles travelling far,

Grown-ups missing Santa

A generous old man adept, and deft at giving secret gifts: morphed to foster expectations of presents as befits the average monthly purse of each locale (why can’t I ask to get a horse?

Inspired by a typo!

[IP: ‘Godwill to all’, but I think it’s meant to be ‘Goodwill to all’!] God’s will of goodwill to all on earth … “goodwill instill in us!”

Joy 365 days and ever

Joy to the world – not just a day of happiness each year, not just a short-lived time of play, an answer to all fear, an answer to all fear, an...

Joy to the world …

Joy to the world where kindness, love so often faithless prove. Our world is lonely, sad, in pain: but bringing comfort, help he came rich grace and life to give, the barrier-debt forgive,

Light to the Bleakness 2. of series based on old carols

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series].[2.based on the carol, ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ by Christina Rossetti] In the bleak mid-winter all is cold, troubles biting, bitter – Love foretold God is coming bringing light...

Lost in the Star (Poetry Monthly)

[IP:A bit of a yuletide theme but with an added dash of an ABCtales challenge for you this week. Work in the following words into your story or poem...

Pivot-point of History

Welsh nativity hymns are often concentrated in doctrine and consonant patterns (cynghanedd) and internal rhyme to give an easily memorised form for...

Plygain [plug-I-n] songs

[Welsh plygain (historically very early Christmas morning carol singing meetings) carols are simple but rich in content, doctrine, and with intensity of rhyme and consonant pattern … ] Wisdom came to the world that morn, Christ Jesus born, Word precious …

Preparation Time

Before we celebrate let’s pause and wait … too much too soon is no celebration just exhaustion!
Gold cherry

Puzzlement (IP)

What child is this, wise men revere … Accepted, ordinary village lad … he taught as none had ever taught … His kindness clearly seen …

Quiet at Christmas

Christmas Day is quiet now the crush of Christmas rush has passed, the roads and shops share silence. Our beach of youth in summer packed was empty on this day

Silent night, Special night [5. of series based on old carols]

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] … Silently, most knew not sleeping babe, makeshift cot, held the Gift unique for all, now awhile for milk must call. …

Sparkling affection

Christmas excitements crackle – brittle glitter; smiles sparkle – affection, or affectation fickle? … to brighten our homes more than glitzy delight.

The Focussed Day

Focus on love focus on giving focus on joy focus on feasting focus on family and friends and also those drifting – pity and compassion shelter and...

The Gift

The gift was promised, needed, awaited by some; wanted, longed for, improbable solution appropriate, powerful to solve, effective to emancipate,...

The impossible journey! —

How many chimneys in this town for Santa to go up and down? and when a chimney he can’t see, does he have a magic all-locks key? … warping time? …

The King’s Herald!

If a king’s own messenger is sent to say he’s on his way, what preparations then are made for that important day? …

We Remember

We remember helpless baby: growing perfect child will be, teacher of God’s truth so wise: Source of all the earth and skies. Why? oh, why, what have...

Whose Advent is Expected? (Window 1)

A human son will overcome – redeeming from Satan’s scheming. [ see …

Why Bethlehem's remembered

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Now Bethlehem’s remembered throughout the ages vast, for there the Prince was born whose just government...

Window 17) A king riding a donkey

A righteous king will bring salvation, and humbly on a donkey ride and so Jesus did, when they flocked to his side, with branches of palm, and praise from the psalm. [See …

Window 18) A Messenger to come to prepare

John the Baptist would come to prepare so the people were ready God’s Word to hear, though still many wanted freedom from Rome, and to see Christ in splendour, not first an an urgent Rebuker and Teacher, and Saviour. [See …

Window 21) The message to Joseph

Joseph, betrothed to Mary, was puzzled, but fair – an angel appeared, to tell him too, in a dream that the child was conceived by the Holy Spirit to be the Saviour, of his people – Jesus – Immanuel, which means God with us. [See …

Window 3) The True King …

A promise that from Judah’s tribe, will come a King who will hold sway on all the nations of the earth, one day. [See …

‘Have a chocolate?’

She gave me a box of chocolates: “Have one with me”, I said. The paper was stuck, unpeeled it, and what a sight there was to see! …


Celebrating Messiah’s birth, or family time for relaxation, jollity and mirth – but will excess bring weariness, fractiousness, and dearth of cash and joy in January? [IP: on …