What doesn't fit into the others

Ugh! a slug!

Click on the kitchen light in dark of night; – a rude awakening, such a sight: upon the tile a big brown slug: ugh!! Don’t touch! remove with card or glove or plastic bag, or rag –

"It's just coming out as doggerel …"

A ‘not-quite-right’ verse can seem much worse than doggerel, just terrible…

"Priorities" Interrupt, Interfere … (IP)

‘Julie, I’m phoning to say_ ’ ‘Ooh, hang on a minute, I don’t want to miss the end of this play I’ll ring you back.’ CLUNK ‘Julie, please listen, you must_ ’

"The Shard" — by London Bridge

Sharp shard of glistening glass … an icy thorn

'It's time to complete your tax return...' (IP)

… make you feel that you’re ever so dim, and your eyes glaze over, and start to skim, the meaning is lost, and your mind goes blank and you wonder if this will soon empty the bank …

'Let's Start Again'

Competition Entry

A Frenzy of Envy (IP)

I envied one who drew a bow and made exquisite music flow …

A glimpse of life in the fast-lane

An urban shopping-complex where the shops along the road and square have grown and multiplied, and there I wander in the crowds to stare – and opportunity quite rare

At motorway services (IP)

Passing through from far and wide, parking neatly side by side, no-one knows from where you’ve come, no-one caring where you’ve gone. Glossy shop, expensive ‘tack’,

Backing up!

Typing, tapping, click, click, Just a moment, in a tick all my story in my memory; safe and sound, easily found; but … there can be mistake when quick fingers flick,

Central London

(unaccustomed as I am …)

Chosen Isolation

You have two arms to hug, or push off everyone, in fear they’ll crush, embarrass you, or hurt, – to spare yourself the pain, commotion of all their troubles and emotion;

Cloudy Issues (IP)

Some smoke to shock, against parental pleasure kick, (own-goal, strong stick upon their back?) a habit hard to kick or lick; a calming crutch when life is such a struggle;

Cloudy Word-play (IP)

Wandering in cloud-cuckoo land, buzzing, on cloud 9, head in the clouds, with visions grand assuming all is fine; but someone clouds the issue, your eyes cloud over, frown,

Communication overload

(twittering, chattering, and information overload)

Communication – thoughtful language, not just words (IP)

A pattern of sounds, a chosen word, by which a thought can be transferred from my head to yours, or yours to mine; but when it’s a complex, but useful idea,

Take A Step Back … but (IP)

Take a step back the better to see, take a step back, look up at the whole, take a step back – eye the wood, not each tree: but …

Painting with a,b,c, …

Arranging letters , weaving sound … Well that’s the aim, we can but try, and hope that what is in the frame be understood, pleasure supply.

The poor, happy goblin

A goblin found an elixir, and drank it in a trice; – it changed his spiteful core, and made him really rather nice. Unshakeable his knowledge now that he would truly never

Is verse a ‘pretty’ thing …

Is verse a ‘pretty’ thing, to fancy or despise, or, communication ‘at-a-glance’ that’s clear, succinct, concise?

You can’t recall gossip

Accusations made, unchecked …

Welsh prounciation, simplified?

Are you scared of words like Llŷn, Llanelli, or Llandrindon? …

Trumpkin meets Aslan (from Prince Caspian)

With hint of roar, ‘Now, where’s that one who has so firmly said, he hasn’t seen, does not believe in lions – I must be dead!’ Devoid of speech, with trembling knees,

Power can corrupt (IP?)

and so many see, and are tempted to feel sure that they would do better …

Martin Chuzzlewit

character and book by Charles Dickens, acted by Paul Scofield in BBC series

What if love was banned … ? (IP)

What if love was banned? … and hatred had the upper hand (and selfishness – the love of self allowed! with greed, each one self-focussed, proud): no neutral ground between the two,

Springing Back To Life, so (IP)

for what? (not about the countryside)

Mma Ramotswe’s Little White Van (IP)

(with apologies to Alexander McCall Smith) No one can ever love you like I do. I couldn’t love that van reliable, and new, so comfortable, smoothly humming, shiny blue,

Duty and pleasure

When is a duty a pleasure, a delightful endeavour? When the recipient’s a treasure, loving, and kind, and you gain such a warm overflowing rich measure of encouragements, joys that remain.

The Celts are used to it! (IP)

When you’re used to the wet, you don’t tend to let it stop you much, just put on your mack, and wellies, and pack your things in a plastic bag, or sack,

I’m no good at cooking while talking (IP)

A widow with a nervous disposition, oppressed with loneliness, depression, accepting proffered invitation to come to have some lunch with me. Hard work to keep up conversation

I’m Bertie the bus! (IP)

Twenty past nine, at the village green, the forthcoming happenings as yet unseen. Who would be coming along to pay and purchase a ticket for town today?

Free Speech – annoying, hurting?

A law against offending speech, and written words, but aren’t we each offended every day by this, or that, or in some other way? Where draw the line, resort to law?

of armchair maps, pocket maps, and sat-navs (IP)

Contemplative leisure, cartographic pleasure, armchair navigation, bird’s-eye-view of woods and hills … but when on foot, or bike, in car …

That early morning cup of tea

Sip the nectar, savour, drain; feel it seeping through the brain – mist dispersing, movement oiling, focussing for fun and toiling. Diffusing through to every part,

The Hare and the Tortoise (IP*)

A student of great aptitude – he quickly hared ahead until, the deadline now so close for handing in, instead of working hard he thought he would take ease and have some fun –

When they wanted to drown the Ceiriog valley

Taking ‘W’ ater out of W ales, to make Warrington Ales ?

Poignant ice tribute to Titanic victims (Belfast, 21/10/12)

Pentathlon Current Affairs 'Fib' poem Ice men, women and children sitting on the steps: fifteen hundred and seventeen: many watch the weeping, melting Titanic tribute disappear:

The tangible, and the intangible (IP)

Fire … air … water … earth . ' Ether ’ used for the intangible … star movements, light, cyberspace … ?

Operation Sat-Nav

My SatNav sends its message out to satellites in the sky, and they can tell, without a doubt, its source, as overhead they fly. They then ‘speak’...

A Big Idea (IP)

It had its inception in self-deception, but self-conceit wouldn’t concede defeat, mistake, from assumptions fake. Shame feared to admit, the heart...

Looking out to look inward (IP)

[inspired by the amount of time Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy spent looking out of windows in the BBC production of some years ago] From out of a window he...

Extreme nights (IP)

The night is long, three months* so dark, so cold, no air to fire a spark, though million stars shine sharp and bright undulled by artificial light;...

The Clever Little Bike (IP)

There was a thief who stole a bike – the little bike he did not like the thief who pedalled him away – determined that he would not stay upon his...

Rise and Fall, Fall and Rise (IP)

Babylon grew on fertile plain … its buildings … now, ruined, lie beneath the sand … one king … wisdom learned …

A skeuomorphic diet for a trip to Mars (IP)

Food building blocks extracted by a process long, protracted – all the fuel chemicals, vitamins and minerals: and so was made nutritious goo in tubes...

Seasons of Human Migration (IP)

Waves of migration from persecution: hard adaptation, deep appreciation of freedom, protection; or short-term incursion for paid occupation, hard...

“Cool” or warm?

or, are teens really serious about their concerns about fossil fuels/emission/pollution? “Jumpers aren’t ‘cool’”; but they’re warm – fleece or wool,...

Looking Ahead, Looking Back

1914 "100 years on what will have become of our heirs, if the Kaiser’s troops overrun? … 2014 100 years gone: we look at the war at mistakes and such loss and with hindsight see more, appalled at the gore …

London, then and now (IP)

Crowdy, rowdy, slums and wealth, costers, brewers, fresh-dug sewers (– somewhat improving smells and health), opulence and poverty, kindness and...

Hot Air, Cold Showers (IP)

… In the sky we paint a picture, no principles of architecture, its airy-fairy mist foundation comes down to earth: precipitation.

Indian summer …

… spread-out dewy cobwebs glitter in the nippy, sparkling morning; shining, baking day, glowing sunset; firelit evening, thicker duvet, central...

Universal motion

Rustling trees, whispering breeze, migrating swallows fly high over thundering billows … a mobile face … mountains quake

We passed through …

Some people leave a work of art when they depart this earth; some people leave a legacy of quite substantial worth. Some actors leave …

Servant or Tyrant (IP)

Rapid chemical reactions, exothermic oxidations … valued highly when a servant … terribly destructive tyrant …

Cash in the Attic (IP)

Sing a song of old coins, a pocket full of change – ten times four and twenty old pence (look so strange) but when the bank was open they gave me in...

Gloom’s End

Drizzle-drenched decaying day murky dawn to washed-out grey … … deep darkness pleases: contrasting lights now dazzle … … – drizzle, mizzle seems to disappear — invisible, rubbed out by black.

… and Proud Middles … (IP)

"When I was young I had just begun and was glad to learn from my ‘betters’; but when I knew more than I had before I thought I’d shake off the...

Of gods out of machines (IP)

thinking about the original usage* of the phrase (that I suppose led to the usage for plot devices), and some other possibilities *The acting ‘gods’ brought up, or down by some contraption like a crane …

Consequences (IP)

I don't know if this is what is being suggested? No school today! …

Halfway Through the Night

inspired by A A Milne’s ‘Halfway down the stairs… there isn't any other stair quite like it. ' with Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear http://allpoetry.com/Halfway-Down Halfway through the night …

A Very Welsh Thing (IP)

‘Y Gymanfa Ganu’ [Pronunciation: ‘Uh Gum- ann -va Gann -ee’ *= The Singing Festival (of Hymns )] … The chapels emptied, as they found the ‘singing clubs’ preferred the pubs, and fervour in a rugby ground …

The sweet can turn sour!

He wished he’d win the lottery … Some wished for cherries, red or gold, and popularity, but found they turned to sour grapes …

Spoilt (IP)

Drink … Computer … Death … Conscience

Grimm Fun (Poetry Monthly)

golden haired lasses whose beauty surpasses … the hero was snared, set impossible feat … dare they trust this odd creature who’s leading? …

Contemplation … (Poetry Monthly)

From prison bars we see them gaze …

Welsh/English Waters Mix

Forecast: heavy precipitation across Wales and the midlands: [of cats and dogs and old ladies and sticks …]

Loo Tool (Poetry Monthly)

… meditating on advertisment and instructions …

'Mourning Orders …' (Poetry Monthly)

… attended to on receipt of Telegram …’*

Tell-tale Tit!

'A little bird told me …’ … for secrets may come out whenever.
Gold cherry

People Smugglers

‘Can you take me away from the bombs and mess? And can you be trusted? – unlikely, I guess. ‘How much must I pay you? It’s all that I own. Dare I pay...

My Rise and Fall (I am a road) (Poetry Monthly)

…to signal direction, and make a connection … I came and I go

A skeuomorphic diet for … (Poetry Monthly)

This is an old IP-poem, but while I was recording the other day, I thought it might come down well as a perfomance piece. https://soundcloud.com/rhiannon-weber/marsdiet

Thoughts bubble up …

… where’s paper and pen ? Driving along – in the back of my mind rise ideas that find words that are neat and seem to complete a tentative verse –...

Semi-nonsense Consonance

A tribute to the attributes attributed that day to the tribune, in the tribunal which studied the affray of tribulation, trouble in the tribe that...

Around the Round

Spinning on its axis, around to face the sun – back to face the darkness ‘til another day’s begun. Round and round we orbit, every year the same,...

According to the Birdie

O little birdie on the tree, what are you watching, what d’you see? ‘Someone swinging with his pole to push a ball towards a hole …

Fair’s fare

A bit of fun with homonyms of two homophones – I’ve just been reading what those words mean! I think some of the homonyms have similarity of meanings.
Gold cherry

Convoluted Grammar

Students, this is how one ought to write when making each report – make constant use throughout the project, of the ‘passive voice’ so that an object...


optical telegraphy to signal overland … wreckers …


distortions … nightmaresque … stilled

Media Circus

Events serious or silly, popular, or thrilly, draw media milling, the streets quickly filling with cameras, lorries, cables, and flurries of...

Thinking Time

His deviousness discovered – transactions ‘all in white’ that should have been invisible, they’d coloured into sight. He’d tried to pass the blame...


Lonely shepherds carved on aspen ******* A young US man called to war promised his new bride as he went he’d carve their names upon a tree at every place that he was sent … 60 years later …

London Street Music

Inspired by my son’s musical interpretation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ5-0f_bEnY&index=5&list=PLTX-lLNb4O9THo...

The Busy Middle

(Central London) Hustle, bustle, rush and crush, busy people pushing past want to reach their ‘somewhere’ fast; hoping they will soon have quitted...

Between here and there

what’s behind that next corner, around the far bend … step back into life with its many dimensions

Of ABC IPs and Comps. – and shallots!

There once was a person in Devon who entered a veg. competition, he said it was not for a winning shallot, but encouraged more …

The Composer

Grand opening bars, then fingers stop, thoughts fizzle out, ideas flop …

1) 'On yer bike'

Sir Christopher Hoy 'caught the bug' as a boy – broke records with medals as he pushed on his pedals! [IP: clerihews]

2) Ringo

Beatle Ringo Starr played drum kits, not guitar; famous to children later as the “Thomas and Friends”’ narrator. [IP: clerihews]

3) William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce worked hard to enforce full emancipation from slave degradation. [IP: clerihews]

The Land of the Grumblies

The leaves were nipped, the light was dim, the faces jaded, eyes glazed, lips grim, grumblies and glumbles, the gamblies, and grimbles cackled,...

One small change … ? (a:general)

If he hadn’t said that word, or she hadn’t told of what she’d heard, there might have never been that revolution, there might have been an amiable...


that youth with his trendy bluetooth …

Troubled Flufferlumps

With a whuffle shift and huffle snort and a strankle of kerfuffle, the baafluffs stirred and …

Little Irritants

You part your socks to find the plastic thread-like clip …

Good government?

A revolution to remove a ruler dicatatorial: new leaders lording with no love oppress by law tyrannical. … But we are glad we still have right to argue or accuse …

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

of computing code snags, bacteria, small critters, enthuiasms and spies …

Heat or Warm

Love was hurt and turned to hate … malice melted …


The many snaky hydra heads had evil stench and bite; when necks were slashed, more heads re-grew to rape, enslave and fight; and only when no further...

Swallowed up?

The ball of fire sinks into the blue …

Dreamy …

A thoughtful tale, a pleasant book, the mind in daydream drifts … book shut, eyes close, into, and out of sleep, consciousness slips: distorted mixed...

Unjust Infamy

He came so near to fame – his name was tossed about, fair game for those who sought in vain someone to quickly blame and shame for fault that brought...

Written Where?

Scattered scraps of scribbles, swimming, corner notes on lists of shopping, ‘Boggle’ words with interloping sentence bursts scrawled, interspersed,...


A house, like ourselves, must ingest and excrete, rejected things placed in receptacles discrete: moulded of plastic by bathroom sink (blending with...

Watch your back!

(owlish metaphor) “Tu -whit, tu-woo” “I keep a good view, and you, you too what will you do? “To look back behind me my feet needn’t turn, I soundlessly swivel my head to discern what is to the rear…


Self-reliance (juche?) – man* is the master of his own destiny – is he? a master of his own ascent, or expert at mistakes, stupidity, unplanned...


Sing a song of sixpence … I’ve got sixpence, I’ve got tuppence to spend, and tuppence to lend and …


Shade in the shadow of the old oak tree, shielded from the dazzle of the shining noonday sun, for the brassy dome of the sky beats down as the...

What I don’t understand is …

… newspaper comments shot off without thought on articles improperly read; accusations without humility, pleasure in others’ exposure with no thought...

Last year’s ‘next year’

Last year’s ‘next year’ now is ‘this year’, yesterday’s become today …

Next 365 puzzles!

A puzzle a day, brain workout by play … may choose to think of clues which may confuse …

English Englyn*??

[*pronounced Eng -linn, with the E like in ‘men’ not as in English!] Noo suggested using the ‘Risk’ prompt to try a risky form … The ‘englyn’ traditionally is a very brief, compact verse, and uses ‘cynghanedd’ and set lengths of lines …

When 'blue'?

‘once in a blue moon’ … there is a ‘blue’ moon …

English lesson rules for writing postcards

(A tale of two postcards – before the days of electronic communication) Teacher says “A postcard … restrained – it might be read by the postman on his round.” …

String Jungle

It’s an extraordinary thing that a length of string or thinnish flex that‘s tumbled around …


Funnel swirling winds whirling twirling twister reaching down, sucking up dust and debris, buildings’ buster, chucking pieces further, rushing fast,...

Helping Recall?

Some have strong eidetic memory (photographic) – useful for Kim’s game and for ‘ Where is my key?’ (viewing detail of places seen); some use mnemonic...

Heart songs …

… find music to wing right words to express soul joy or distress –

What Dreams?

His megalomanic dreams of power … Her dreams of fame … He dreamed of usefulness … they softly trod

Transcription Squiggles

I have a thought, and into speech I speak my thought but want to reach a far-flung audience with my thought – how can its words be truly caught,...


(of presents, and human and computer memory vaults)

Return to Sender

I typed my email and addressed it, and sent it on its way but very soon, into my Inbox it bounced back there to stay – by “Mailer-daemon”: no such...

Time Flies

May is past, June’s ahead – last week’s Radio Times is dead –(or maybe not quite, somethings there still are catchable on air in the stores of...

I’d fill your shoes better than you do!

“If I were in your shoes, I’d be more kind to me (this ‘me’) I would be kind to everyone not ‘me-absorbed’ as you are now with you, I see. I would...

Reach in … reach out …

A smile of peace, a heart of hurts … Is there a balm resentment, spite to penetrate and ease? reach in, reach out …

Poirot meets Miss Marple, Lord Caterham and his daughter, Bundle

Poirot met Miss Marple in the little shop for tea. ‘Mon ami, Oh, I am distressed at these recent movies on TV supposedly of me! They change my...

Lust Loses All

A goose a golden egg had laid, and so the farmer’s bills were paid and every day he’d gold to trade, but then for greed, the goose he slayed – of...


Stresses stretch the nerves and pressures push to crush and trap …

Healing or Provoking

Impetuous words flung out to hurt can’t be recalled like hoovering dirt; internet reader rushing to blurt …

“good poetry objectifies feeling”

Comments welcomed as I’m not sure I’ve got this concept clear!

pice ar y maen*

* Welsh cakes [ pronounced pick-eh ahr uh mine: the meaning seems to be little Welsh cakes on the stone ie bakestone ie griddle ]

Foot or Dagger?

Better someone foolishly imprudent, foot in mouth, even impudent (though much trouble then consequent, and apologies should be frequent) but still an...

Entangled Objects

She objects to the object of the exercise. The object of the exercise is to move the object objected to from the objectionable place to another space...

Will you give me a fresh start?

He wanted to have a fresh start They wouldn’t accept he’d a change of heart, unwilling to give him a chance to prove he’d a different stance,...

Banksy Prank?

She said she’d pay one million pounds … and then … she didn't sign up for that!

Rocking Power, Beaming Power!

Rocking and swaying, pounding tree tops – powerful wind, whose blast nothing stops. Sometimes its force can make the bough crack – energy free to try...

Junk Mail

An irritating scheme or scam– the emails wind up regularly in my ‘Spam’ – another name, not mine appears, though my address is hijacked. I haven’t signed up …

Argument or War?

She had a concern and joined the lobby; her concern was deep, not just a hobby; but she found herself out of her depth – so angry were some – no...

Poppy Tanka

Acrostic – Appreciation of sacrificial service, peace-seeking, -keeping; protectors from evil, harm – young men and women defend.

A Gentleman’s (?) Word

His bid was higher – accepted, of course, though he’d soon prove a liar, and worse, with unanswered calls, and no replies, pressing for extras –...

Actual Action

To see a need is not enough …

the art of … listening

The art of compromise must gain more insight … negotiating must begin with silent, patient listening.

10 things Before you Drown …

Your ship is going down, and soon you all may drown, first shoot a flare, or send a text … [ 1.] and then what next? …


The protraction of the interaction saw little satisfaction but detraction and distraction brought abstraction, and subtraction to a fraction of the...

Looking out, glimpsing in

I look out, they look in – my eyes are windows, transparent skin …


They want to winkle out the secrets of long ago; but when some facts they then discover, will they really know its meaning, context, circumstances,...

In Troubadouric Tradition?

It seems that Rimas Dissolutas [Poetry Monthly March] fits best to troubadouric verse – does anyone else find it fits other content well?

European Friendship

1) Post-war peace and peaceful ties, treaties, trade co-operation, mustn’t quarrel, friendly gestures, no more wars, don’t want to risk it; but...

Going Down Below

[This short poem was written, at request, for the Thanksgiving Service for a dear very elderly man who had had a working life as a skilful and dedicated mining engineer, though when asked of his occupation he would simply say ‘A miner’. I remembered Ewan’s writing on a colliery disaster in the 19th century, and thought it good to remember those who worked hard to improve and keep safety in industry.] Deep shafts, black gold, dark collier shifts …

Pride and Prejudice

Pride begets prejudice, assumes others antagonistic, proud and prejudiced, so incites prejudice, provokes enmity aggravating their pride, justifying...

I wish you were here … or do I?

I wish you were with me to cheer. … But I’m glad you’re not here when we see…

The Story of Beddgelert (in Snowdonia)

A prince and his dog and his darling son … shaking tails? – a story beloved by the children in Wales.

Keep Out! Schooling’s ‘Out’!

School’s out, terrorists about: buildings alight igniting fright, no education, child exploitation – teach them shooting, bloodshed, looting … ‘Even when there are no guns …

Hyped up

Is hype hyper, hyper-critical or hypo-critical? or hypocritical? hypnotizing, mesmerising, flattery to fascinate (faults 'photo-shopped' out),...

Isn’t it amazing what a cup of tea can do?

Birds brighten, and so does my brain … : morning chorus?

That’s where I was when I wrote it down …!

When you read a verse or song you once composed, maybe so long a time ago, does it bring back the scene described, or sometimes have a knack to...

and each morning a …

See films in my head in the catch-up land … refresh-mode’s ‘go-slow’, prepared for the forthcoming ‘Rise-up-and-go’ …


There once was a man in a hurry, who bolted a …

Covet Contentment

Warm weather gives pleasure while …but weather extremes … remind us … what we have got for a while.

Fast Forward …

Dashing through the countryside, fastest laid-back earth-bound ride, closing up the gaps between towns far-flung from where it’s been …

Muck-raking, digging

Self-gratifying, partying … but casual, thoughtless follies can rebound … stones thrown to shame, by those uninnocent … enjoy humiliation of another?


Are they as you think – are you as they imagine? …

From winter to …

Gloved and capped, fingers chapped … dreary, weary … turn a key to …

Whispered Infection

Whispers insinuate, slither in, infecting dripping twisted truth, injecting – subtly …

Revisiting 'The Hush of the Snow'

This is just a link to what I posted last time we had this IP. Picture: “The Hush of the Snow” by James Forsyth https://www.abctales.com/story/...

Is this what Prince Llywelyn thought?

“In grief I tell of my temper’s haste – the tale of such tragic canine waste: my dog I left to guard my infant son, returned to find his cradle...

on the brighter side …

Murder, lawlessness and pain, the strong abuse the weak again, warfare, rape and earthquake, flood; — but now we’ve news of …

… but it can deceive

A scene set-up with ‘paper’ fairies*, or tricks of lighting implying mysteries, and plates corrupted (before our day of digital manipulation, to...


Tired of lockdown, hundreds flock down … others bitter… lock-up … divisions … locked in

Warm Greeting!

A handshake … a hug … keep apart! … warm smile — wear a mask! … Locked eyes (only) muffled words … lonesomeness spreads.

“Let’s Party!”

“Let’s drink and be merry – who cares if we carry a virus – we’re well but bored, want a …"

Labyrinthine Hierarchy

Layers of authority, avoid responsibility, the ‘buck’ lands nowhere, no-one knows the whole, no-one knows the enquirer, ‘chinese whispers’ muddle all...

Keeping things nice

Not personal! “Sugar and spice and all things nice”. – that’s the life for me! nothing unpleasant, all my own choice, no heeding of any authority …...


Some bring riches … some easy … exciting … wearisome and undervalued … cries for extra workers … to earn enough … support family … discreet charity … unappreciated and labour arduous, tough.

A mischievous little bird called …

A little bird ‘IwanTit’* around my eyes will flit and perch …


With thought of the Fry’s chocolate five boys … and memories of an eccentric old lady and her enjoyment of unpractical plans and dreams


Look through any window of the train … passing … glimpse of lives, then all their faces gone.


As you move on into this journey, future, this new year, abandon … acquire …

Locked-Down Opposition

[and locked-down lockers-up] Locked down in prison – they cannot fly, cannot scan the internet a luxury to buy …

Looking down on the city’s departures …

Like spokes on a wheel they travel out far in all directions, by train or car. Going where? and Why? … When weary of going will they be knowing …

Roaming the world, and beyond

I’d like to go to deserts and see the sand dunes shift. I’d like to visit jungles, and on the ocean drift. I’d love to see an iceberg, and polar bears – not near! …

Elusive Silver

An enigmatic colour this on the scales of a herring or a ‘silverfish,’ and the reflecting sheen of a mirror’s screen, greyer than white, whiter than...


Masks to keep your germs in, or germs of others out will also hide your cheeky grin – your friendship some may doubt. but when those masks we can...

Where the lie leads

There once was a lady who swallowed a lie, I don’t know why she swallowed the lie, but by and by …

Seeing the end from the …

Composing … Exciting beginning – but where is it going?t Is the goal in view, the end, the conclusion? Can you follow it through, keep the attention...

From dawn ’til …

The country sleeps … the beginning and ending of another day.


Coming home from war: Will things be as before? will Nellie be waiting? will the country be grateful for what we have done – has freedom been won...

Fork Ahead!

DANGER! NO ENTRY! …Desire to peek … dabble and paddle … get back on the other track.


Sly and wily, slick and slippery, shrewd and shifty, slinky, stealthy, snaky, sneaky, cunning, canny, conniving, contriving, artful, astute,...

Subtle ‘normalisings’

Dark times of much uncaring callousness replaced by real compassion … but now? … Dark times when mouths were sealed by dictate of the few … but now the ‘normalising’ is woked …

A Winning Handshake

Always in trouble, mischievous, gullible, embittered, a rebel – but sport brought a medal; in a dream he went forward to receive the award, extended his arm for the usual handshake …

Simple things

Busy, busy working frenzy … no time to spare to stop for simple things …

Star Wars

Fame breeds jealousies … tongues claw and fight.


"I like to sit on the fence agree with all supporting none – it’s an awkward perch, for with a thoughltess lurch I can fall on my nose and my...

No longer gold

Coal has been gold in winter’s cold: red flames to warm in chill of storm. In cities smoke collected to choke, so coal that was mined was mostly...

Spaceship Food

a rework of a piece for an IP a long time ago on ‘Skeuomorphism'*


Friction heats to spark a light … but confine! …

Ins and outs of politics

Flawed voters want flawless leaders faultless, biddable no apologies acceptable; our voting makes you disposable, expendable, riddable – you are rejected – a new hero will be projected – …

Character Masks

? Are you straightforward or … or … even if you mess-up sometimes, put your foot in it … ?

Resistant to benefit or harm?

But I don’t want to … from terrible two all life through … resistant … Attractive bribes, lures, enticement hidden hook … resist!

Corrupting Power

He broke the yoke of tyranny, imposed himself as ruler, “Benevolent to all”, he said, but soon humility had fled. The syndrome of corrupting power...

When again …?

Hiding from bombs, … dreaming … kindness brings tears – hearts warmed and stilled. Strengthening hope, faith – war now on earth but halcyon days will come again …

Reliable Friends

Support that is bought can never be relied upon but … solid friendships forge …loyalties reliable ….

War Confined?

If there were no bombs or dynamite, no nukes or WMDs men still would war, dispute and fight, but maybe more confined to battlefields – no missiles...

Felonious Tongue-Twister

First and fleetest ran the fleecers as the sheriff’s ambush fell flushing gamblers from false gaming – fake their loaded dice, the fleeced now...

Happy Weary Industry

Labourers wearily industrious in farm, field and hill - will they more leisure gain if machines take the strain? Industrial revolution. Folks flock...


… not 'PUT-IN' power … 70 years of caring, gracious smile …

Unfair (?)

“If I were in her shoes how good I would be. If I had his money I’d give generously presents, all lavish … and look after me, of course! … just so I...


Don’t touch! It’s hot! … Ouch! …

Any Hard Task

It was still an up-hill pull with determined will to fully fulfil the task undertaken and reach the top not stop or flop or trip or slip or sleep,...

19 paper cranes

19 paper cranes (origami) remembering 19 deaths by a deceived and distorted mind determined the disabled must find unhappiness and prefer to die, no...

To Remember, or not …

I forgot. Did I give it a slot install it in memory’s vault, or not? or was the fault a failure to retrieve? Did I choose to leave it there to stay … some things ignored, not stored …


“It said, ‘Help Yourself’ “ said the burglar, “ – the sign said ‘Take away’, and nowhere, anywhere did it say to go to the cash-till to pay!” “I’m...

No Kidding!

(follow-uo to https://www.abctales.com/story/rhiannonw/justification ) “You can help yourself by helping others,” the judge said to the thief … and so to keep out of my jail!”


Who’d be a politician? – reviled, however hard they tend to their constituents’ needs, and pompousness discard. … Would you have stood aright? …


Fire, fire burning bright in the forest day and night damaging the national park – from where came igniting spark? … ( with apologies to William Blake)

For whose benefit …?

discreet … ostentatious … displays for praise … generous … parsimonious … discreet … to ease distress — which giver is blest more than the receiver?

Under his hat

Culinary mixtures, and complementary flavours; anthropomorphical avant-garde creative creature: ‘hair-raising’ mentor (or ‘puppeteer’?) (look under...

Soothing green, or making you green with …

Soothing to the eyes is the green of the springtime scene; but feeling green at …

Tarnished gods

Mythological fabrications and fantasies, multifarious rulers of the cosmos blundering, dramatic mysteries to amuse, dreamy and steamy tales of...

Undervalued potato?

Nutritious fruit (tomatoes, bananas, apples …) and valued veg: tubers and tap roots – like the humble spud, edible leaves (cabbage …) seeds (peas and...

The Mountain Code!

This was insipired by memories of my father’s lusty singing of the humourous 'National Anthem of the Ancient Britons' or the 'Woad Ode' (to tune of Men of Harlech) I didn’t know it by that title but just by some of the words and tune (see links) I used to enjoy the fun, rhythm and fun rhymes. What I’ve written comes from thinking about it but is nothing like it.

The 15-minute city

I don’t understand this concept of 15 min-cities. It seems to be proposing people should be able to find all they need: healthcare, schools, shops,...

A king’s labour

My primary allegiance is to the King of kings, but I will honour Charles as king and all those ‘in the wings’ willing to serve … And pray for … Our parliament is … can be foolish …Be glad we’ve no dictator…encourage good debate …not anarchic ferment …

Escape into dream jobs

She dreamt she was an athlete coach … then woke up to her daily grind …. He dreamt himself the manager … But one night …


Patterns of sounds music of words pleasing the chime of rhythm and rhyme. Concisely composed a message that’s structured, subtle its echoes carefully...

‘As useful as a chocolate teapot!'

I’m a chocolate teapot looking swell; but for tea I’m useless – heat will tell! Collapsing in hot water – I will keep cool and idle, or I’m soon a...


What a responsibility to be a head of state … he morphs … alone … forgotten …

I was only joking!

They thought it fun when they began to trick or tease but …


Sticky, sweaty, humid, heat, ice-cold drinks and cotton sheet, garden sprinklers, fans just blow warm air flow … waiting, drooping … a draft of cool...

Fantastic Plastic!

At first ‘plastic’ meant shoddy, cheap, weak and temporary, but they discovered how to make varieties that were stronger, lasting longer – fantastic...

One ray at a time

Rays of light herald the rising sun: the night is passing, work to be done … Rays of love pierce … work to be done begun together – rays of light pierce the night.

In the middle of tonight!

(UK local) “Where has that hour gone? …


Party planning, picking pals, piles of posting, phoning – purchasing plenty – pizzas, pittas, partly plain pâtés, pasties, pretty pastries, puddings...


Poppies remind of the slain and those of us who remain remember the past when evil deeds were unseen and many had not believed why the nations had...

A place for a snooze

The door* is open, I’ll creep through … Quiet from childish rush and squeals … Meow-sobs

Alas! Alas!

Alas! alas! why build your billets for bullets and missiles mixed with medics and mosques mingling …

Emerging treasures

Buried seeds bring fields of poppies, wheat, potatoes – which rebound, yielding fields of buried treasure in the autumn, underground! ************...

Waiting, wanting

Midnight chimes but hours of night still to come before … fresh …

Digging up dirt

Many gladly dig, revealing others’ sins, their own concealing; don’t consider pressures past trivialising sins which now leave all aghast. But now,...

'A bump of originality'*

… an unexpected twist, insertion, a catch in the rhythm a …

Fixing the calendar

One hour lost in Spring, in autumn found again! and every year …progressing problem, so …

Remembering Corrie ten Boom

Courage when the Nazis invaded their land – to stay. Courage when offering to hide Jews – pray, pray. Courage when making a secret room – willl...

Wordrush, thoughtcess

Shoot from the hip, quick have your say so many openings to comment today, don’t pause for thought, or listen – you ought to think of the reasons...


Canary confined: … Lady longing to be …

Life's fuel

The farmers tend it, and then they send it to shops, we spend on it, for we depend on it, and … some, corrupt, supplies disrupt, grow rich and fat in greed on that which …