Christian, Biblical

verse that very much has its roots in understanding Bible revelation. Recently much verse that falls into this category has been posted in the collection 'Sunday Songs'.

(IP) Suddenly …

Year on year, fun, toil and tear – but have things always gone on so? and now for ever, steady flow? no, suddenly — why long the wait? – a time to...

1 January, again

The clock is ticking on … the climax is foretold, the world is winding down, – like us, it’s getting old, and, entering this year of grace, its unknown pathways we can face,

4 Life-spans

(‘he’ could be ‘she’) One had had a busy life that satisfied, laboured, service useful, with no pride; patient now, enduring illness, weak’ning frame,

A Bookworm Reflects

Text snapped by the retina emailed to the brain, recorded, considered, archived, and when needed again, hopefully retrievable from memory’s vault (if no technical fault). Shelves stuffed with volumes abandoned and dusty … mind cluttered … when the rubbish I’d thinned …

A brief history …

Not billions of years – too stretched to imagine, not billions of years to achieve the impossible – to grow complex machinery of life in a rusting,...

A sense of infinity

Implanted in our heart an awareness of infinity, of unseen things, eternity we cannot contemplate completely or conceive, but the skill that us...


… power above the must of lust – for love.

At the Year’s Gate

not wrtten as a Cleave Poem, but can be read so I think


‘That’s awesome!’ How easily they’re awed! (or just, not bored?) a word to measure surprise and pleasure? is that the depth of awe? Is there no more? – a wonder inexplicable,

Building Philosophical houses of cards

In days of yore they trimmed their wood, creating idols that looked good, but nowadays we realise a lifeless doll no help supplies. Instead we sift ideas, build

But what is ‘sin’?

Her Lord – kind Lord had given her life and boundaries wise, untouched by any trouble, pain; one day she listened as a rebel voice maligned her Lord...

Calls of Wisdom and Folly

Wisdom calls, with much to give – “food” enriching, “wine” to live, understanding to discern: ways of peace and safety learn. Folly’s call is loud, with glitter,

Cleave = Cut or Paste (IP)

Broad road so smooth with ease we go so glad to choose pleasure, although the narrow way with stones, steep slope beckons today – and proffers hope;...


Hung on the gallows he built for another (of KIng Xerxes and Haman's plot)

Decalogue – Ten Words (IP)

Ten facets of love, ten words that abide which I love, for they guide in love horizontal outflowing and growing from vertical love … no flaws in these laws, though my love is lacking, failing and cracking, but …

Deep Change

A wolf that wears a fleece, a raven painted white – neither will ever cease the weak to hunt and bite. It would be quite absurd to think a wolf a...

Evidence-based trust (IP)

Trust, blind faith in men of might, certainty that they’ll do right: but feet of clay – enticed away, leave a litter of backers bitter. Faith in God need not be blind …

Familiarity breeds contempt (IP)

“What is it?”*, they said – extraordinary food, collected each morning (and tasting so good) from the ground all around on six mornings, and then...

Fears, but unafraid (IP)

Fear of pain, but faith that grace will be supplied; fear of death, but looking forward – when we’ve died we’ll be where no mere man can hurt, or...

Feelings or Facts?

Appealing bells, sensuous incense, awe-inspiring spires, enchanting chanting thrilling, enthralling: surface magic and excitement; high ceilings lift...


Freedom from oppression, cruel domination, manipulation, exploitation, – universal greed for gain; freedom from the pace and stress, – peers-pressuring excess;

Give as you get, or as you’d be given?

If you were in power would you be pure, selfless and serving, trustworthy, true? Or would you be tempted to taste and take pleasure in wielding the...

Giving, and receiving

(which is harder? which benefits who more?) To give is gain; so why complain, grudgingly receiveing, and slow in giving – cash, or ‘kind’, or help, a listening ear awhile,


(inspired by Walter De la Mare’s ‘Silver’ – ‘ Slowly, silently, now the moon Walks the night in her silver shoon … A harvest mouse goes scampering by, With silver claws, and silver eye …) The sun too golden for eyes to behold glitters the rivers with flecks of gold …

If I lived my life again … IP

I would change — would I?

If you had all power …

What would you do, if you had all power? Heal all the sickness? calm all the war? But these will return if you don’t stop the source: quarrelling, death will still follow their course.

If you remain silent at this time … (b:example)

Exiled in a foreign land, now chosen by the king to be his queen, but even she dared not to enter in, into his court unless he call – rarely, he...

Impetuous Tongue

Tongues cause trouble all through life: words bring peace or stir up strife, cheer or sadden, hurt or heal: inward state of soul reveal. Men remember what I say, and I need to often pray,


If we look around us, feeling very cross, – inconvenienced often, caused financial loss, yet ourselves not guiltless, – better turn and do unto others what you’d have them do to you.

Jewels from the jail

A tinker rough soon had enough of trying to live better …Thrown into jail – but there a tale took shape among the squalor; with pen and ink, and time to think he wrote the finest ever …

Mixed motives, mixed metaphors

Harmonious surface but, don’t look beneath – undercurrents flow – suspicion and resentment of things they 'think' they know – no checking out, just … by the measure that you judge you will be weighed, and may such tumble share, and do not hide the hatreds that you bear beneath a smiling surface fair.

One in Seven

[and they could see that far-off tower on Sunday]

One lie leads to …

… in fact, how different would life be for all of them and you and me? …

Perfect Rebuilds (IP)

He knew they’d crucify, destroy, foretold he would arise, his body gloriously rebuilt, their accusations lies. And when I realised how corrupt was all my selfish thought,

Please and … (IP)

Buying tins from off the shelf, I realise that it’s not myself who raised the beans, and cooked, preserved – so, many farmers have deserved my thanks...

PrIde( IP)

Pr I de has ME inthe middle, I am the k I ng of me I make the rules, do as I choose, and am so pleased to be the best of all, I’ll never fall to...

Principles from Psalms 1 & 2

Those heeding earth’s Creator stand and flourish, under his command, but those who boast rebellious thought rejecting what he sent and taught will have, he says, their day in court,

Rags to Riches (IP)

“Replace those clothes so soiled and worn, with rich, clean garments that adorn …

Release! (IP)

“Held in futile folly – but not against my will – happy in the misery, bound blind, no wish to break away until – awakened to discerning mind,...

Religious rituals …

stress-easing, self-pleasing … nor resolving loneliness of human frailty, questions of heart’s hungry honesty …

Remembrance Sunday, and remembrance Sundays

We remember loss in war, suffering of those who bore much, in order to restore freedom for the many more. Every Sunday we remember him whose love fills us with wonder,

Ruth speaks …

(based on the book, ‘Ruth’ in the Bible) They came here from Judah, for scarceness of food was making life hard. They were hoping for good in Moab. I...

Saul explains

I was supposed to be here in Damascus to persecute those of the Way, imprisoning … But when on the road, full of anger … so I’m being hunted myself, and I leave this town in a basket now lowered …

Saving Eve

She listened to lies … found pain not power and hid, afraid to meet her Maker-Friend; but …

Scorned Invites

He invited his ‘friends’ to the party, and then prepared it all. When everything was ready, he sent the usual call – but they didn’t feel like going...

Screwtape’s three-pronged strategy

– with indebtedness to C S Lewis … Let them think there is no God, there’s nothing else but matter, and human wisdom has evolved to understand things better …

Seared Feelings (IP)

Brainwashed mind, and heart hard boiled by lies well oiled to squash emotion, squeamishness and kindness, love, compassion, rational thought –...

Shouting at God!

You shout at God Why? ‘As King why didn’t you prevent this illness, that event?’ “You do not see what I restrain, and soon I will remove all pain, but are you ready to embrace

Six New Beginnings (IP)

Vile violence spread and smothered good, (Genesis 6:5 - 8:22) but then was drowned in global flood: the rescued few began anew to tend the earth (...

Sloth is …

… loth to move, will shirk the work and feels the appeal of 'why not time steal?' from the criticised boss, if possible, (he can surely bear loss...

Somewhere better?

This world is very weary with germs … pain, pride, greed… But, if we find a new world, well, will it be just right … And what will we export there if some of us fly in? …

Sowing and Reaping

There's more than one kind of harvest

Superstitions’ Grip

Irrational notions blind, thrust deep in the mind oppress and bind –

The Defeat of the Archetype (IP)

but soon they found their master new a harsh slave-driver, monster too – the only way they could be freed …

The Disregarded Landlord

(loosely based on Jesus’ parable of the tenants: Matthew 21:33-42) The tenant farmers didn’t care, and lived a life of ease. They squandered, left to disrepair,

The favourite Psalm

Psalm 23 – the testimony, and the offer

The love of God

A love that willingly exchanged the perfect wonder, perfect honour, perfect praise, for weakness, schemes and sneers ranged around, suspicion malicious, murderous intention;

The Model Nobody Made

His friend came in and turned the handle: ‘How exquisite!’ he proclaimed. Who’s the genius who constructed? ‘No-one did’, the owner claimed …

The pattern of our love

cf 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient, love is kind, never purposefully blind, tastes ridicule and rebuff, but has no pretence, or bluff, hypocrisy or discontent,

The Point of (not 'no-') Return

‘Go my own way, with money to spend … “you can go feed my pigs!” …

The same blood, the same need (last week's IP)

You could divide the world into groups indeed by language, and culture, or wealth and creed; those that know bondage, and those who feel freed; into...

The specks in whose eye?

With pleasure they expose the grabbing greed of those whose balance grows and grows unconscious of the woes that from their action flows. But they too covet, who accuse, –

The way back

Will all be discovered? sleep disturbed; his plans have recovered – one folly has served to warn him of lures with bite in the bait, now agony...

To what? (IP)

They say: Don’t try to be a champion unless you get committed, don’t expect the accolade unless you’ve concentrated wholly, fully, all your hours,...

Today is called ‘Ascension Day’

[for remembering 40 days after Easter Sunday]

Today is Whitsun/Pentecost (2)

Jesus told them he must go – not only so that they could know pardon for all their sin, but so his Spirit he to them could send to strengthen, help...

Top supernatural power

‘Throw down your stick – it will become a snake’, and it did. The magicians by their secret arts did likewise, but Aaron’s stick ate up the rest...


Truth has always been and is; lies had to be invented – some may frighten, some may please, – but truth can’t be supplanted; for truth is truth and cannot ever

Truth Revealed

Is truth immutable concealed, – that sought-for, solid base? or has a greater One revealed real absolutes, in grace? No other person knows my thought unless explained and shared;

Unique (IP)

Catastrophic flooding, pouring, pushing, 40 days and nights still raining, water underground emerging, rushing sediment stirred up by crushing rocks and soil and vegetation, then engulfing

Universal HoneyTraps (IP)

Sugar Coatings [pic: pitcher plant at Kew] Skill that’s subtle, clever, deft puts attractive gloss on theft, drugs, unfaithfulness, and lies – to...

What if …? (IP)

Man has always been religious – women too are curious, cautious, – are there gods? or unknown forces? – fears, suspicious, superstitious: but...

What is a church?

(not a building) That place of stone with vaulted ceilings high, and spire that points up to the sky may sober and subdue our mood, but will not of itself give warmth and food

When he came to his senses …

Rejecting the love, he wanted to be as free as his dreams: demanded, ‘Give me … ’; then far, far away, he squandered, and lost – all wasted, and...

Who knows … ? (IP)

The meaning of life – before any strife was ever on record, ill-word ever heard: life’s Origin, Source knew its purpose, of course, for he had created, concocted for perfect contentment,

Why did he say … he is the Truth? (5)

He didn’t mean: “You have your truth, and I have mine” “Whatever you want to call truth is fine.” No, truth is facts and absolute, it’s things that...

Why did he say … he is the Bread? (2)

Our bodies need their fuel food to grow and mend, survive, feel good, but souls will not live well for ever unless they too are fed with Bread that...

Why did he say … he is the Door? (3)

The door to the fold, safety, security, and to pasture, soul nourishment, support and encouragement: no life cramping, restricting, damping,...

Why did he say … he is the Good Shepherd? (4)

He’d lay down his life for his sheep. They know he will save them, in safety keep; they know his voice, and heed, so aware of his love and power to...

Why did he say … he is the Light? (1)

Jesus said, ‘I am the Light of the world’ – when the blinds on your vision are furled that Light can enlighten perception and puzzles – and points to...

Why did he say … he is the Resurrection, and the Life? (7)

… He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. John 11:25,26 (at the raising of Lazarus...

Why did he say … he is the true Vine? (6)

Each branch that’s linked and connected – nourishment flows … some may appear a part of the Vine … unattached, fall away …

Will it … ? Won’t it … ? (IP)

“What if …?” “What if …?” “What if …?” “What if …?”

Will you commit yourself to …?

A ‘Leap of Faith’ they called the ride – an almost vertical water-slide: no foolish leap or gambling drop, partakers knew they’d safely stop, they...

Zacchaeus (song)

Materialistic, lonely, lost; impressed by One who showed real interest, – and this welcomed Guest salvation grace bestowed. ch: He met with Jesus Christ, and now

‘ … to see oursels as ithers see us!’

Obscured vision ‘sees’ prejudice in all (but not within) … Obscured vision seems to say ‘If I had time and opportunity how selfless I would be …

‘Who do you say that I am?’

(“Who do people say I am? … “Who do you say I am?” … “You are the Christ.”) Mark 8:27–29 Who am I? What do they say? What opinion’s voiced today?

… flows on (IP)

The stream of time flows on, seeds germinate, the blade emerges, elongating, flowers unfold and bloom and fade. The pages turn, the years begin and...

Awoke, then awaking

Fool-fears rule … no capricious ‘gods’ or fickle luck …

Weary world

We must try to stop the climate warming, we can cry to all to change their use of … remodelled …


The stage was set for a trigger … but …

Dear April 20, 2019 …

Did you a year ago today think cash would constantly increase, easing life’s way, and music, meeting friends would fill your future happily, no...

A seed that multiplied

It fell on the soil not pecked by a bird, slithered down a crack (ear welcomes good word?) rested warm and safe through the winter cold til the...

Lockdown! Look up!

Time to stop , time to rest, recuperation and reflection, time to notice …

One Family!

Brother, sister, shy or bold, sick or healthy, … tall or short, clever, slow– a variety of all sorts, some irritate … we’re all related humankind: every individual matters –

A Changed World

A virus-shaken world, death not buried now away from thought … Prosperity undermined; no quick way back … Where is hope? Many spared … Unmasked: the transcience … [Is there] a better world? A vibrant future.


Why make light of evil dark? and laugh at fright … but may be really scared – … All bad taste, and plastic waste.

“… our help in ages past …"

Ideas willowy and vague about the supernatural … One who’s real, historical … many find His aid in need: … Why won’t he pull the strings to fully stop these awful things? …


Baby growing in the womb destined to die, but not too soon, life to live, to do your bit – who knows now who will benefit when you arrive, contribute...

Durk Willems

(died 16 May 1569) His pursuer had fallen through the thin ice — what would he do?

Prison Walls bring hope!*

The walls incarcerated men, confined, blocked out the tortured moans of battered minds and bones; but see! they hold up messages of hope … and hear! those walls have now become a sounding board – tap tap, tap …


What difference made by passing gong? … our foolish fritterings don’t repeat.

I’d like to …

“I’d like to change the world – get rid of all the greed … the killing … I’d like to change my friend …myself …”

Bunyan’s Battle

the Pilgrim fought a monster hateful who mocked, made sport of …