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Grandchildren staying (IP)

Round the house, running legs scuffling, shuffling, searching, hunting Easter eggs. Where’s Mum put them? read the clue – one for me and one for you.

Resurrection facts

People like a nice idea, comfortable things to hear. Surely we can’t really know Christ arose so long ago? Men and women were astounded, and their witness brave was founded


Would Barabbas be aware that Jesus’ death meant he was freed? The guilty free: so great a contrast, – by death, the Guiltless met a need. Freed from what? From Roman justice, –

A foretold gamble

An idle gamble, careless toss, while Christ was pierced upon the cross: these both were long ago foretold by God, by whom all is controlled. Though not yet ending, by his breath

Why ‘Good’ Friday?

The Romans chose excruciating crucifixion, to frighten into subjugation, deter attempts at revolution. No death of ease, so why should it be ‘good’? – he paid the debt,