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I have 285 stories published in 9 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 374564 times and 105 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Who's John?

Now I don’t do this often But before I move on There’s a man here in spirit Sorry madam – who’s John? I’m being told John And a connection with Paul… If I said the name Dave

The Theme From Rocky

I bet you think my failure came easy – that it just landed in my hands like a baby tossed from a burning building. But I worked for it. I trained. Years on a self-loathing treadmill
Gold cherry

50 Ways

Back off slowly Sprint like hell Fall into an open well Moonwalk with a sexy grin Ride off aboard a sleek gazelle Yell: ‘Je ne t’aime pas, mademoiselle!’ Or glue him to a carousel

Miss Scarlet Always Moves First

In the Stockholm garret I found an incomplete scrimshaw giraffe carved from whalebone. The four legs had been buffed to a dentist's pearlescence, the hooves neat as knives

The Grid

‘Three young women in as many weeks,’ says DCS Draper, ‘naked, strangled, found floating like paper boats in the canal.’ Superintendent Mercer coughs uncomfortably. ‘Four, sir.