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I have 87 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Coral Jane

Once upon a time I was an artist living on the beach somewhere in Devon. Since then there have been many changes in my life...

My stories

Not cherries again (IP)

Cherries, you say? But I've been there done that already. I even got the T-shirt (you know what I mean). I said my goodbyes before killing off a whole orchard

Goodbye to the Cherry Orchard

On a warm fragrant May morning Anya tiptoes through her special place, one hand lifting swishing skirts free of the soft earth. My sunshine, my Spring she thinks, watching the light

Colouring Gaugin

When I think of you my thoughts are yellow tinged with red, not the cool shades of lemon or cadmium (like the yellow Christ) but more the warm ochre of golden light on lady-skin

The Tired Dancer

The tired dancer resting, took up her brush and created a choreography in paint and collage where her free-moving spirit could meander at will through clovered valleys and stormy hillsides,

The Optician

My mother, always an embarrassment to me, takes me to the Optician. I am thirteen and have recently been unable to see the blackboard at school without squinting.