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I have 87 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Coral Jane

Once upon a time I was an artist living on the beach somewhere in Devon. Since then there have been many changes in my life...

My stories


The poet and the art teacher

based on personal experience of being a teacher in an all-male prison in the 80s. Apologies to all shaven-headed tattooed people reading this...

I'm a painter not a writer

I'm a painter not a writer an artisan art-maker splat-splashing my concoctions Pollock-like big and bigger.. See my multi-coloured multi-layered landscaped mindscaped pebble-dashed

Missing You

These words have been a long time coming...

Green (IP)

Green box for this, Black box for that Swing bin for something else and The big bin for everything not in the others - But nobody ever calls Each week I consult my leaflet

One Night Stand

Morning after the night before.. a further slight edit 15.1.11