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I have 87 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Coral Jane

Once upon a time I was an artist living on the beach somewhere in Devon. Since then there have been many changes in my life...

My stories


Madwomen in an Attic

Here I am, me and four other women all huddled together in an attic. How, why or where I have no idea; neither have I any recollection of events leading up to this incarceration.

Mia and the colour purple

If I could paint you an aura it would be in shades of purple, subtle with a touch of violet and a delicate hint of mauve; all the colours you love, sweet Mia, little dreamer,
Poem of the week

I couldn't bear for you to be cold

I can't believe it's really you in this hospital bed in intensive care, eyes closed and oh so still; a machine breathing for you and a geometric pattern

Black & White (IP)

This is an old piece I re-discvered in the archives - it seems to fit the IP criteria so hope I'm not cheating!

The Late Miss Rigby

She is all the lonely people hiding behind doors, walking at night, experiencing life vicariously through lighted windows and television screens. She has watched him from