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Coral Jane

Once upon a time I was an artist living on the beach somewhere in Devon. Since then there have been many changes in my life...

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Portrait of an artist, sleeping

remembering a fellow art student from my college days back in the 70's

Girl by the lake, standing

"Before us stands yesterday" - Ted Hughes: The Crow Above quote doesn't have much to do with this poem - I just liked it.


The problems of involuntary benzodiapine addiction & withdrawals have again hit the news (front page of the Times,1.10.12) prompting me to post this, scribbled in a notebook two years ago...

Watching the candle burn

August 6th: one date, different years, distinctive for two members of the same family - one lived a very short time, the other much longer - both imperfect

I don't like porridge

Last posting for a bit, until I get my act together. This is one of those childhood memories that never goes away.