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Coral Jane

Once upon a time I was an artist living on the beach somewhere in Devon. Since then there have been many changes in my life...

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forgotten how to just a few practice lines

Cold turkey in a clinic with no name, 2000 (IP)

Valium withdrawals in a very strange clinic conforming to Rudolf Steiner's principles of Theosophical medicine. This was not at all what I was expecting....

Home is where the art is

I knew just where I was this time yesterday - the old familiar smells of linseed turps and oils, sounds of easels dragging over dusty floorboards - clips klinking, restraining

A girl named Ana

Pro-Ana is a name for community websites supporting those with an eating disorder - often referred to by users simply as `Ana'

On looking at a painting by the Cornish artist Peter Lanyon

Inspired by a recent visit to Tate Britain. Peter Lanyon died following a gliding accident in 1964 at the age of 46.