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The hall light was still on shining through the stained glass sailing ship with its accompanying rosy sunset. He smiled a slightly lop sided smile. '...


Sue kicked the radiator, it answered with a few ominous rumbles and a deep seated grumble. ‘Don’t you argue with me!’ she shouted at it giving it yet...


The bright, comforting lights of the bus disappeared into the distance. My heart sank as I realised, half an hour before the next one. I’d promised...

Blue Flowers Part 5, final part

By the time we had finished laughing my over active imagination had come up with another story. ‘I know what it is it’s a crystal palace,’ I’d heard...

Blue Flowers Part 4

We sat in the lounge and ordered some coffee. ‘We’ve moved on a bit since the old Beechwood Estate haven’t we? I’d heard that they’d bulldozed it. A...