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My stories have been read 84353 times and 28 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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It had become 'George shaped' through years of him having dropped his rather ample backside onto its cushions. And this is exactly what George did...

All The World's a Stage ( I.P)

Larry and Olivia stood in the middle of the stage, a single spotlight highlighting their perfect features. ‘Darling Larry why are we here?’ a slight...

i don't want to do this any more

The words whispered but somehow held within the air for seconds. Each syllable seeming to fall from lips made blue by the cold. The viscous mud...


A fine Spring day, too nice to stay indoors doing the ironing or even worse watching daytime TV. ‘Let’s go out somewhere for lunch,’ I said. ‘We’ve...

Pick of the world

A writing exercise from my writing class, 'A place we like/don't like' 300 words. I think my favourite place in the whole wide world, and I have...