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Time Held

I don't (and can't) write poetry. My writing class exercise this week, write a poem about something precious to you!!! This is my attempt, is it...

Buttercups and Daisies

Why? The company? Maybe. Boredom, another possibility. The challenge, not any longer. Gossip? That’s a big contender. It beats the curtain twitching...

Another World

Something I wrote a while ago, unsure whether to continue or not (the sad story of a lot of my writing!) Conjure up the perfect English landscape,...

A difference of Opinion

A large old house on the edge of the green belt, obviously at one time it had been a ‘country gentleman’s’ residence. A drive wound its way through...

Fear of the Unknown

They can be very scary places. Some people are of the opinion that they should be visited only when absolutely necessary. Others love them and...