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Blue Flowers Part 3

I could still see that ten-year-old boy. Dark hair, blue eyes, the colouring of his Irish, gypsy ancestry. I imagine he had a lot of success with the...

Blue Flowers Part 2

‘ I hope you’re behaving yourself,’ I could see the smile on her face as she said this. ‘You know me too well. She’s just left but there are more...

Blue Flowers Part 1

A coming of age they call it, the time when the naivety of youth is overtaken by the worldliness of adulthood. This loss of innocence for some passes...


Where is she? She promised she’d be here at two o’clock and it’s now quarter past! I’ll give her another five minutes and then I’m going. Time hasn’t...

Knit One Slip One Part 3

She daydreams again about her future, she now has a future - not just the office and sitting alone at home. They would be married. She would wear...