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I have 52 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 98836 times and 9 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Stephen Brooks


My stories

The Game.

THE GAME. I watch her. I watch her through the holes in the fence. It's a wire mesh fence so there are lots of them. Holes I mean. The holes need the wire mesh to keep them in, or they would escape.

My Life Oy Vay 9 (Diary Of A Drunk)

My Life Oy Vay 9 Ex girlfriend phoned me after we spent a couple of days shagging and drinking together, after which remorse and a hangover set in. I told her it will never work between us because we always end up getting rat-arsed and ill. And one of us will die prematurely. Can you do that? Die before your time? It's one of the great ontological riddles of our time. So she accepted that I was right and left. So she called two days later when I was rattling like a pair of maracas. She said "Goodbye Stephen I said "Oh yeh goodbye. I put the phone down. I thought that she was just coming to terms with the separation, then I thought is she going to jump out of the window? But the way I felt at that moment I really couldn't care.


Video kideo wherefor Art thou threedeo? Watches that speak A dial that you tweak The seconds that chime In tune with the times Push buttons at will And steal from the till Talk to friends afar

The Last Day

It was the first day Of old age today A pain appeared And wouldn't Go away It's in the knee Patella I'm told But I'm so young But it's so old Said the doc We'll fix you up With titanium knees

Kids Eh?

I'll never be a Gramps My son's got the grumps With me He slammed the door I guess I'll never see him No more.