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sylvia clare

author of several books and poetry all over the internet and Amazon - proceeds mostly go to charities against modern slavery

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the couple in the cafe

The Couple in the Café. The elegant smiling woman at the next table, sitting quietly with her companion, his hand resting loosely around his beer...

autumn's observers

Autumn’s Observers A slow dance with the breeze A subtle twitch in the leaves Hues of buttery yellow smeared by cutting, knife-sharp winds Across...

When is it time to leave?

When Is It Time to Leave? When you suddenly wake up to the fact that your birth family is not a happy or healthy place to be. No matter how much my...

drinking tea in the rain

Drinking tea in the rain It was a long hot summer we waited for rain over many weeks to be disappointed, again and again. The lawns grew sparse and...

it happens most mornings

The moment when the sun rising slowly above the rim of the downs behind our village settles her gaze upon the trees. Then the trees shine, softly at...


4 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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really lovely poem - i had

Posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2020

really lovely poem - i had blackbirds nesting in my courtyard for years - sometimes two or three clutches in a year - totally love them and this sums them up so well and so sensitively - dont be too self effacing

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Posted in Love is a Labour

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excellent choice for poem of the day

Posted on Sat, 29 Jun 2019

I really loved adn got this poem completely - felt it deeply

 not a word out of place

 great choice xxxx

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Posted in Everyone remembers everything eventually

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Rumi is a wonderful sufi poet

Posted on Sat, 29 Dec 2018

Rumi is a wonderful sufi poet whose work i love and i was reading some with friends on a skype chat share and this is what came to me afterwards - not meant to be sad reallly - just contemplative

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Posted in with thanks to Rumi

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always happy for suggestions

Posted on Fri, 21 Dec 2018

always happy for suggestions thanks xxxxx

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Posted in I Could Never Kill The Dragon