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Hiccups (4) - Sypmtom 4 - extra time

By the second night I’d accustomed myself to not sleeping. I lay in the spare bed in my room, headboard banging as I sang my hiccupy tune to myself.

Hiccups (3) - Symptoms 1 to 3

I hadn’t slept for two nights, so I was bleary eyed, staggering through my work, hiccupping my way through phone calls

Hiccups (2) - cures 8 to 16

the only ill-judged moment of her life was probably agreeing to go out with me, though don’t quote me on that

Hiccups (1) - The cures, 1 to 7

breathing in my own exhaled air, which is rich in carbon dioxide

The key

I didn't recognise the insignia on the man's uniform. He was so high up that his rank didn't officially exist, that he didn't officially exist.