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I have 781 stories published in 40 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 635312 times and 551 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Hiccups (8) - Symptoms 12 to 14

kissing her mentally perhaps, but physically not touching

Hiccups (7) - Symptoms 10 to 11

three small individuals standing on a beach on a windy night on the other side of the galaxy bathing in the light of stars that new nothing of our existence

Hiccups (6) - Symptom 9 - entering a pact with the devil

I couldn’t sleep a wink. Not with the squirrels tap-dancing above me.

Hiccups (5) - Symptoms 5 to 8

We talked for over an hour, until her fried slice went cold and flaccid. Like a greasy, failed, triangular phallus.

Hiccups (4) - Sypmtom 4 - extra time

By the second night I’d accustomed myself to not sleeping. I lay in the spare bed in my room, headboard banging as I sang my hiccupy tune to myself.