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Rob Wheeldon

His photo is ,over ten years old its my portait of Dorain Gray you youthful good looking bugger. Never judge a book by its cover

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No re-enforcement of half truths

Eugenicists’ Behaviourism No fixed ratio re-enforcement for me I am feed up with being punished For the condition of my birth The truth lies between the extremes

Time is money

is time money ?


Take note of the non Euclidian nature Of the geometry of phase states This state of flux occurs When gravitation is applied This is precisely the geodesic curvature

Syntax and representation of icons

~ - - //////© £$£$£$@---------------*# this line is not represented (o) ^? ~ A wave -- A reformed line //////////// Repeated slashes © In an enclosed sea

A song for my grand farther in translation

“He Wlad Fy Nhadau Pleidiol wyf I,m gwlad” Land of my farthers I,am I,am the land “Ut guod est Terra of meus ulterius” Vacuus quod intus Ut servo ego Suum est vita