And off we go......

Ready or not, we're on Amazon. 

Yup, Full Filler by Ice Rivers is on the market.

95% of the writing has appeared on ABCtales. Pretty sure this first volume would not exist without ABCtales.

It's a weird feeling. I thought that I'd be jumpiong around and going crazy...telling everyone about the sales results but that's not the way it's happening.

First off, I'm tired again nearly fatigue tired, nearly post natal depression tired. I lived with the "book" for so long and now it's gone into its own life and I probably could have done more for it when it was developing.

Next book, I will be more prepared for this feeling.

Still, it is an accomplishment and needs to be celebrated somehow. I think I'm gonna let it incubate for awhile and I'm gonna rest. It's done. It's out there. It's rough and getting ready to be read. I'm learning to love it like I did when it was still invisible.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, its available for free.

The reason it's so rough is because we did it all ourselves. No middle people and we didn't really know what we were doing. Now we do and the next one will be different.....smoother......paginated but will never be the first. The first is here now. Throw it some stars and help it live.




show a link. 


Full Filler: Dreams & Distance (Ethereal Serial Book 1)


Congratulations!  I shall look out for it.  As celtic said, a link often encourages people to take a look.

Full Filler: Dreams & Distance (Ethereal Serial Book 1)

see if this works and let me know if it does.

Thanks again to ABCtales and to you for all ther inspiration and encouragement


$10.03. You should also have a button taking you to the British versiion (and have Kindle price it in sterling). Usually, two (or more) versions. Good luck. 


I guess it's best to table the discussion until we get the print edition done which requires a re-design of the cover. The baby isn't rady to leave the hospital...still in incubation I guess.


Here's a link to the Uk Amazon version:

But unfortunately it only seems to exist in Kindle for the UK market. It's free. Ice, do you want to look into perhaps seeing if you can make the print edition available here (and in europe) too? We obivously have US members like yourself, but the majority of ABCTalers are UK based. It would be a shame if you couldn't make any money out of us. Maybe when you're feeling a bit less tired you could let me know how that goes and then we could put something on our front page?

Congratulations anyway on the birth of your new baby!



We're still working on the print edition and I hope it will be available this week. Once again, we are stumbling through an area unfamilaiar to us. Yes, it would be nice to make a few dollars. Any further direction and encouragement you can add will be cherished forever.