20 short (2020 words approx) stories to be submitted on the 20th of every month (i.e. for the next 20 months) starting from 20 July 2010 - A personally imposed format and deadline, publicly declared, to concentrate the mind and kick-ass my wavering motivation into life.

At the end of each story, I will be setting out a 200 word (approx) rough synopsis of the next instalment together with the working title.

The thing that is killing me

I can do it, I know, but every time I try I only run out of steam before I get anywhere.

A Desert Storm Honeymoon

‘Hey Ron, this twenty-pound note says you can't pull that bird over there.’

The little wolf and the three bad pigs

‘We can’t continue to live this way, can we, Rudy?’

The Emperor is not dead

‘The Emperor cannot see you today’ she said ‘He is currently having his breakfast. He does not want to be disturbed’.

Till death us do part

Rachael was still in bed when I set out for my early morning walk.

The Infernal Sausage

For one stomach churning instant, I remained rooted to the spot, in front of one of the reflective ground-floor windows of Muller Finance Building, at the end of Rushmore Street.

Santa's Dirty Little Secret

1993 was my Annus horribilis, because that year's Christmas was less merry than I would have wished on my worst enemy.

On life...

As it appears, our life is like a game.