GAW Short Stories

Short Stories by Gareth A Williams



Boots was far from happy with the situation. He was breaking one of his own golden rules: if it didn't feel right, walk away. He stood under a 'Buses Only' sign, his hands in his Parka pockets, the hood shielding his face from the drizzle. He was wet and cold. He had been standing in exactly the same spot for about half an hour and still couldn't get the timings right. Green for about a minute and red for ' how long? Sometimes four minutes, sometimes four and a half. Such inconsistency was irksome ' and thirty seconds could be the difference between success and failure.


They put up the yellow sign within hours of the accident. It was a serious accident, apparently, at 1:30am on the tenth of this month. Witnesses sought; a phone number given. Somebody, please help me.

The Cartographer's Revenge

Cartographers are evil...

The Tinted Window

A short story by Gareth A Williams, March 2008 "Look at Daniel, he hasn't moved for days."

Extra Ordinary

The word "Extraordinary" has always struck me as odd. Anyway, this story (a little over 2000 words)deals with several hang-ups I've been coping with for the last few years.