The Holgate End.

The Banquet (Part One)

THE BANQUET Fallon is invited to a mysterious medieval banquet.

A Day in the life of Duncan Nesbitt

Duncan's first day as a barman turns into a nightmare.


The torment of an unattractive girl.

Black Marble

A salesman runs over a gypsies dog and is cursed.


Frankie fantasises about killing his wife.

Dead Loss

Who are the ghostly figures Darren encounters?


The blue flashing lights illuminated the lavish lounge. Terry sat beneath the window, his back against the wall. He felt the cold steel of the...

Tempting Fate

A complex tale of blackmail.

The Banquet (Part Two)

"Laughter in death. I admire your courage, Fallon," smirked Granville. I looked across at the comical sight of Dupont vomiting, and of Palmer rinsing...