Leave your boots on


A Brave Face

For Mariam, who let me hug her on the balcony.

Birthday cake

Mummy's cutting the birthday cake and I've just made my birthday wish. I'm licking the icing off my fingers, my sister's whining. The icing is pink,...


For the one who won't let me sleep


inspired by radiohead's "How to Disappear Completely"


claustophobia over a memory
Poem of the week

Life After You

The sudden gasp of air Like a drowning man in the sea The bittersweet taste of new life after you left me every night i drink cheap wine my youth, full hips, thick hair
Story of the week

The Other Woman

I sat on the bench outside, wrote ‘you’re stronger than you think’ onto my skin, but it was no use. You had me, I was your compass, your Northern star.

You Will Break

You are never mine while I've been owned Belonged To you the moment you lay me down on the floor, Showed me the tired map of your travels talked of rivers, waterfalls and ice


I run miles on sand but never get far enough away from you I'm writing fervent, feverish letters in my head all the things I never said


Oh no not this again You would not leave my side I begged, pleaded you to go And you did without looking back Not this shallow bed with forlorn...