A Necklace of Red Stones

House Gargoyle

The house gargoyle is sitting on my back softly like a cat.heavy,balanced it might jump down and grim at me any minute point out its collection of pet dust bunnies wade figures lined up ,under the bed

A Cat up Close

A Cat up Close Through binoculars I look lap kitten butter furred ,gentle paws all tucked under,anti chill a knee warmer the only risk a noisy purr ,a loving gleam or a mangled mouse

A Necklace of Red Stones

a thought about jewelry


Ascalon He was a bit of a love George domestically soft as new bread children could tumble all over him and I could call him a big dope and he'd take it

Red Shoes

Red Shoes Beside the bed they appear taps or jazz or pumps a brand new pair daily at least sometimes more "Put me on "they say dance this idea into poetry I arrange them when I should be


Perseids Elusive as champagne bubbles on a velvet tongued sky streaks of light sherbets of sparkler droplets carved on ink and indigo indecently brief but charming ,witty,unexpected

Magic in Peripheral Vision

Driving through Matfield by the common and the duckpond as commuters poke holes through dusk with headights a fox shape floats accross the road again I think he waits for

On Marriage

On Marriage Oh my poor dear you asked me why women wanted marriage as you had given the promise once and could not give it again as if you could take your body away but leave the promises

Worry Sticks

Worry Sticks A swallowed boiled sweet of a stone grates like a fat fishbone stomach muscles tighten against a kick worry sticks beat an up tempo snare at the flare of helpless love

Hells Bells, and Barometers

I'm venturing out a bit quietly after bereavement wanting new friends and a wider circle The old life too tight a safe harbour without the anchor man...

Dark and techno hell

Too early and too late for cars new houses don’t clump muddy lorry feet yet past my gate even foxes tuck noses into belly fur dog has shoved me to...