With the odd rumble of thunder



last offices

We park by the craft shop: the coloured corners of picture frames hang down the wall like chevrons Supine, under the quilt of night the infirmery...


This cat is on wheels. A postage stamp of golden fur is missing from his flank harvested by glistening chatter-knives. This is new kind of scent-...

Fool's Paradise

*/ Wetlands at dusk: pink-skinned water ripples with the sibilant trees. A great orchestra of atmospheres, the virtuoso lift of keys from minor to...

To the clouds

You, white steam gliding through the Smurf-blue sky soft as milk or a cat's gentle blink. Floating like one long quivering violin note you lag up our...

A Millennial Syllogism

Thinking of the 90s is strange: those images echo back like an ambulance siren curdling against brickwork

clickity click-click

I click a blue hyperlink, feeling various — the web spins like a top as I hunt down the ungraspable yarn of my mood.

The Field

Bent over in a heat haze, a figure trudges through a field of yellow rapeseed.

Day 1. Cope Muir High

‘Cheese-brain’ is a good, sturdy, underused insult. It feels edifying to know that another precocious wordsmith like myself once sat at that desk.

Retirement Options for Tube Trains: #3 Cadnam, New Forest

Stippled with mould it lies at the foot of a lawn by a greenhouse where earthenware pots lie cracked like the summer soil.


The moonlight leaks through the bevelled glass

The Pitsea Loop

The fluorescent tube light whistled overhead, casting a nauseatingly yellow glow across a pin-board of staff notices. Office Summer Night Out – BBQ on Hackney Downs; then Bowling at Finsbury Park; a MacMillan’s charity fundraiser concealed cruelly under a torn-out page 3 model...

picking bluebells with little scarlett

she lifts a blue cloche to her ear; wonders why it does not ring.

This basil plant is available

This basil plant is available for writing about; it is calling me through its tight fist of tangy leaves.