Short Random Tales

The theme of the story is not limited to any one type except that it is not too long.

The Game

Life's lessons through a pink sunflower

Life is Beautiful

Making connection with a loved one need not involve moving mountains - at least not every time.

The Attempt

She had to go through this, to know the truth.

One of those days

“Guess what??!”.... She screamed into the phone.

Neera's Noble Intentions

Last week, I bumped into Neera in the mall while shopping for a handbag. Have I told you about Neera? No?

Point of View

Appearances are deceptive

The Penance

The Kingdom of Dead

A well crafted clock and a destiny that could not be avoided


Madonna - the feline fatale who turned out to be fatal to Mrs. Andrew's dreams of glory.

The Palette

The festival of lights was here once again. There were electric lights all around the buildings; pretentious twinkling little stars in their own right.

Josh Weinstein's Theory Gone Awry

Vinoy never imagined a simple excercise for his research could turn his life topsy turvy.