Random fragments from my notebooks.

Lament For a Lost Notebook

My little black book who travelled with me to Toronto and Cuba, who lay open on god knows how many beer stained bar tables in Munich while I scribbled out my alcoholic anguish…

On the plane from Toronto to Vancouver

Mesmerised by modulating maps (damn Nabokov, your mischievous dust lay safely inert in the print of the tenth-hand copy of Transparent Things I picked up at a yard sale in Toronto, until I opened it a

I Heart London

Shiny shoes and pale, weary faces on the six o'clock from Waterloo. Trashy newspapers and glossy novels. Suicide-inducing shop talk. That harsh white...

What Are You Writing Daddy?

Nothing. Just a story. What's it about? Nothing really. Just a man in a taxi going to an airport. It's really boring. Let me hear it daddy. You want...

A Passenger Incident

Trains will be delayed on the Victoria line. This is due to a passenger incident at Highbury and Islington station. Customers are strongly advised to...
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A Postcard from Grenfell

A long conversation with a friend on the topic of recent tragedies and the gaping inequalities revealed therein inspired — or maybe required — me to...

Letter from Austria

What a comedy of humanness a ski slope is! That to enjoy the beautiful snow-clad Alps we have to cover them with giant people-hauling machines,...


Giving to beggars is one of the dirty delights of wealth. That pinprick of feeling as their eyes meet yours, as they greet your generosity with...
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His shadow fits him perfectly: shadow bike and shadow boy, seamlessly stitched to wheels rolling over Wimbledon common. Spoking backwards, monochrome...