Short stories


Bad Blood

Things were almost perfect. It was Christmas Day, and Sonia was home with the kids. Dee’s brother and sister were there, too, and her other daughter...
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Chestnut Mare

When I was thirteen, my cousin starred in a sex video. It was called ‘Chip Shop Girl,’ and showed him and his girlfriend in bed together. He had sold...
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Hot Air Balloon

John Cotton lived alone. When he had retired – early, at fifty-eight – the people in his family had teased him about what on earth he was going to do...
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I was lying alone in a double bed, doing terrible things to some pairs of knickers. I had found them in the dirty-clothes basket at the foot of the bed.
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Miss Bradshaw

Miss Bradshaw came to us in the March of year four...


The summer before I started university, I got a job at my grandad’s factory. He ran two companies from it: one was a machining company that made,...
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Snow Day

‘Conal says she’s a screamer,’ said Flint, untangling his headphones as the bus rattled up the hill and past the rec...

The Dark Alley Crew

In the summer, like everyone, they go to the theme park. They are best friends, and call themselves the Dark Alley Crew. That’s where they spend...

The Pigeon Loft

Revised story first written in 2012.

The National Cup

'I’ve just met their manager off the bus,' says Mr Moss, his voice quivering, 'and I’m telling you now, lads: they think they’ve won this. “You’ve...

The Teenagers (2/2)

A hundred yards behind them, Lauren and Natalie walked down Knight Lane carrying a plastic Londis bag. As they passed it back and forth and took...

When We Used to Chase Their Car

When we were children and our cousins left after a stay at our grandparents' house, we used to chase their car off the yard and along the road,...