Writings From the Past

These are the remnants of my formative years when I first joined ABC Tales when I was 18. I can't say that I've changed a whole lot since then except for my hair... Seriously, what the heck happened to my hair?


A Letter To a Completely Good Teacher

Provides explanation to late paper and the reason some dogs are addicted to them.

Antonio Salieri's Final Masterpiece

A strange sequel to the 1984 film, Amadeus

Chicken Poop for the Sassy Soul

Chicken Poop for the Sassy Soul By Michael Lawrence

Dudley's Adventure in Sporting Goods

This is old ABCtale I wrote that's now rightfully restored in its proper place. Dudley is a dreamer who peruses a sporting goods store, imagining what he could do with the things they sell.

I Was a Teenaged Poet With Good Intentions

Poetry that comes complete with free analassist

Lunch With a Dream Girl

Steven talks to the girl of his dreams at lunch!

The Legend of the Locksburg Vampire

O, see how the crazy English teacher goes nuts on his pupils. And who does that vice principal think he is, pretending that a carrot is a cigar?

The Man Who Fell Off the Cliff and Lived Before He Died

I'm trying out surrealism! (And I hope you find it humorous!)

The Old Man and the Vampire

An old man, purporting himself to be the hero of Locksburg, thinks that people are taking vampires too lightly in his town.

A Clique Clicks

The continuing adventures of Steven and his weird friends. This time, they're in gym class. Steven falls in love, and they have a confrontation with a frightening bully.

Andrew Bradshaw Conquers the Fountain of Youth (Part 1)

by Michael C. Lawrence “The Fountain of Youth is real,” Andrew Bradshaw said to an unsuspecting gray-haired woman garbed in a peach cardigan that...

Andrew Bradshaw Conquers the Fountain of Youth (Part 2)

The Steam Town Shopping Center had seen its finer days. It was a massive, indoor structure and sad reminder of the 1980s—bookended with giant,...