Reading Event - What a Night!

I just wanted to say a very big thank you, firstly to onemorething and Mark Burrow for the organising and the MC-ing, and secondly to all our wonderful readers who gave such brilliant performances - I think it was our best yet!

Our first time readers:



Jane Hyphen

And also:





Mark Say

Sean Mcnulty

Mark Pithie


You are all stars!





Well done to everyone involved. It was a hugely enjoyable night and the first time readers did brilliantly. The next event is usually at Christmas - my favourite time of the year. Counting down the days already :) 


Would that be Roman Christmas or Eastern Orthodox Christmas Paul?


When my son lived in Moscow Christmas was in January. I guess it's at different times according to which version of Christianity you follow. What I do know is that there was a Reading Event last December which was very festive and a lot of fun. Mince pies, red wine and beer whilst telling stories or reading poems. Of course, I am getting ahead of myself. I really enjoyed your story, Turlough. I think all of the readers did exceptionally well on the night.


Whilst I am on, here's to Celticman and his forthcoming publication of "Beastie". It deserves to do well; he deserves to do well. 


The Communists discouraged the celebration of Christmas on the grounds that it was a bit christianity-based but many people carried on regardless. Today the old ones celebrate Orthodox Christmas on 6 January (or Epiphany, or Theophany) and the young ones celebrate the Roman festival on 25 December. Those who are fond of a bit of cake and a sip of the strong drink celebrate both.

But, whatever date they choose, Christmas is over and done with in a day and not at all the victim of crass consumerism as it has become elsewhere in the world. 

In Bulgaria and much of eastern Europe, Easter is a much bigger event and is taken very seriously.

Any road, I'm going to put my sprouts on to boil now in preparation for the next ABC reading event.


As comedy legend, Jim Bowen would have said, it were super smashin' great!

It was really nice to see and hear the real people from behind all those ABC user names. 

Many thanks to Mark for getting me in and running the show, and to everyone else involved.

See you all at the next one.




It was great to be a part of it, thanks for organising! I look forward to the next one!


Much enjoyed listening to some new voices, as well as the familiar. Always delighted to be a part of it, even when I kick myself for talking too fast. It's the new Yawker in me, I suppose. Hope to see everyone in December. And, yes, congrats to Jack O'Donnell (celtcman) on the publication of his new book "Beastie". Jack's an inspiration. I still have a framed poster of his last book Lily Poole hanging on the wall where I write. Kudos, Jack.



You were great, Rich. I love your Noo Yoik accent :) 


Jack's book will be on our front page just as soon as he's sent me the copy!


Would it be too much to hope that it has been recorded? Sadly I had to miss it as a reader or part of the audience. So pleased to read that it went very well.


thansk marinda and everyone else who was great. Mark stood down so we could read. So thanks to  him too. It's a far, far better thing than I'lve done before. But you know the score. Chistmas cancelled. Boo-hoo. No more Chirstmas films apart from It's A Wonderful Life, which isn't a Christmas film anyway. Great of marinda to read one of onemorething's poems. Maybe that would be an idea. We read each other's work? But hey, no guitar, and I ain't sinng any of Rich's numbers. 


I thought it was a lovely evening. Each reading was excellent and great to get new faces in too. Afraid it wasn't recorded as the editing on YouTube is a nightmare and takes forever (unless you have a paid subscription). 




If I had known I would have participated or maybe I wasn't invited back after my debut


Of course we would have loved it if you'd come Ice. The announcement was on the front page for about a month, and numerous times on our social media. We can't individually ask everyone or there'd never be time for anything else! Make sure you keep an eye on our front page for the next one!


Thank you for hosting Mark, you did a great job and to every one else who was involved in organising. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Reading other's work could be interesting.