Inspiration point (IP)

I'm feeling somewhat jaded - like most of the nation I guess.  I wonder if you can help me out in renewing my optimism?  I'm hoping you'll inspire me with this week's inspiration point - a fresh start.  


Inspiration point

Maybe …

another imaginative background to the 1920s IP photograph Mums and Dads and sisters, brothers, neighbours, grandfathers, grandmothers joined a club,...

Listen to the madman

Why this wobbly weakness for prophets? For pale persons in camelhair overcoats who love to eat locusts and wild honey? For dry creatures who like the...

Some Times To Quick Without Thought

We are eager it seems at times, To judge those in front of us. Yet forget to take a good look, In our mirror of imperfection. We may think at times,
Gold cherry

Even Though it Might Never Happen

We don't always have a choice in how our relationships survive and grow. Sometimes the influence of unknown factors negatively dictate the outcomes of our relationships and lives...