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My stories

A Step in the Great Journey - Part 2

He wakes to her holding him. “Nil. Something's happened or it's going to happen.” “You dreamed. That's all.” “No. No, I swear. This is something much...

A Step in the Great Journey - Part 1

Slowly, slowly, these things become: A bleeding thread of light against murky, blue-purple darkness. A slit vein haloed in harvest gold; bright,...

The Actress

She could be an actress herself, or a model. The girl at reception was suprisingly beautiful, dark haired, with her hair coiled up on top of her head...

Under the Bed - Part 2

This time Karly screamed, she didn't try and swallow it down, she screamed for all she was worth, both lungs, as wide as her mouth could open. She...

Under the Bed - Part 1

She loved hearing the story. Every night, in bed beside her sister, she would urge her mother or father – whoever's turn it was – to tell it again...