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seagull memory

The wind picks up by Barbican, doglegs me through St Paul’s, past a nut-seller huddled by his stall on the bridge that will wobble no more whips foam...

new year

grey this new year morning, wait this new years morning for the hangover to pass Rebel-Rebel mothers sang in a whirl for boys and girls singing late...

Getting dressed on a bad day

My shirts hang like vultures above my head waiting, impatient, drumming their buttons. Soon, one will float down, meld to skin, and begin to gnaw...


Busy sunday banks earphoned joggers families of cyclists, near, just below the surface, a transparent medium the clarities amazing uncurling green...


Soft creeping through tunnels, exuding fresh clean air, no clatter, the underground approaches. It gently strokes the platform as doors slide to...


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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i've got no idea how this got

Posted on Mon, 21 Jul 2014

i've got no idea how this got onto my account -  it expresses the anger we all feel at these events in a direct and powerful and direct way and is a great piece of work but  i was very surprises when i thought I was editing a verse abour half-...

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Posted in How To Kill A Child

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This struck me as a powerful

Posted on Fri, 27 Jun 2014

This struck me as a powerful  poem because of its honesty and slightly chaotic form,  held together by the balance of the first and last line. Very vivid,  thanks for sharing. 

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Posted in Words that I Wanted to Explain to Him but Never Did

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Posted on Thu, 24 Apr 2014


Loved the unexpected images and juxtapositions of separate lives merged

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Posted in I remember when the pub was full of old men