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Odd, but I've been feeling slightly more and slightly less 'persona non' recently ... depending on where I look, though. On the 'more' topic, I sometimes think that 'persona plus' equates a bit to 'psyche nil' - I'm not sure though. Maybe that's just being self-serving. Also, I'm rethinking 'psyche' in 'relation' to 'spirit'. I'm liking more and more the notion of the 'spirital' (no typo) once again. I'm worrying that the 'psyche' is psychically manipulable - whereas the spirit is own, one's own and out there in the dawn and the evening and the mid-morning sun, feeling the moon's 'can do'. Just musing.

My stories

aLetterToLove (IP)

… She was caught by something, out there by the river's sea, the sea's river, some pinnacle, some glint across a window, a pane, that gave her space, space to pause her walking,

The mechanics

No clear idea – no clear sense of what to say – just prowing out with fingers into the waters of the self Just going random

the times of ages

*early life* In life’s morning, when the dawn has passed and the world is becoming lit, pure sense hits; and in that brief and feeling moment, we lift our feet and

I see you

I never thought you'd do it. I never saw it coming. I never thought you'd place that in my face, that soft caress, that silence of slowing. There's nothing I can say, need say.

Echoes of an Ode Man

The title came to me in a dream, bit like Stravinsky's wind septet. I love the title as you might've guessed. ... The Octet, sorry, not the Septet.