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Odd, but I've been feeling slightly more and slightly less 'persona non' recently ... depending on where I look, though. On the 'more' topic, I sometimes think that 'persona plus' equates a bit to 'psyche nil' - I'm not sure though. Maybe that's just being self-serving. Also, I'm rethinking 'psyche' in 'relation' to 'spirit'. I'm liking more and more the notion of the 'spirital' (no typo) once again. I'm worrying that the 'psyche' is psychically manipulable - whereas the spirit is own, one's own and out there in the dawn and the evening and the mid-morning sun, feeling the moon's 'can do'. Just musing.

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Asking the past

The past is a secret history in that cline divine of lies and secrets and silence, and was I wrong to ask? In this place this cave, I've never been...
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Beautiful August

And, we had some good things didn't we. I loved the way you leant into me that time, shoulder and shoulder when I sat beside you at the morning's...

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Funeral words


I Imagine, remember a place, walking through – Imagine it’s not a constellation, crystals like soft feathers on the feet, it’s rough cut, stone never smoothed by water and


The snow came in the night to bless us. Hope we are blessed, but it seems as if. The dawn was a cream on the crumble of night. Crystals formed in silence and reverie and