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I have 156 stories published in one collection on the site.
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One giant circular concertina mall

The drone has you in its dispassionate eye as it flies through the shrinking sky is freedom but a word on the branded lips, of bloated cattle, in a...


Did you heed the call of silence when you snowshoed across the stars or did the awe well up inside you causing the mountain to break and fall How I'...

Have body need soul

I swing the hammer and pound the nail tendon and muscle,tissue and bone the sun beats down upon my brow a bead of sweat glides down my nose landing...

Remember,false prophet

You shall not possess me as a puppet in a show or a ring to its master like the rock beneath a waterfall I shall endure Remember this My laughter...

Out of the mud,into the flesh

Sleep forever in warm earth beneath the golden grass at peace with mortal turmoil lonesome upon your breast pain shall not mar ,nor disturb,nor...