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I have 156 stories published in one collection on the site.
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gone is the religion

They had us praying to their false gods we had nothing else to do so we filed right in the plate came around so we filled it either that or off to...

What a nightmare!

When my mind began to wander I just followed it as close as I could seemed as though I was now placing second with the phantom in my head taking...

The Eagle

Sky air between my feathers rising beak leading the way turning effortless gliding eyes scanning below feet tucked in for speed claws clenched a...

Stand up

Silence is the bomb it will explode in your face forever leaving you breathless and face down in a shallow grave outside of Anytown Words are the...

Green buds and winters' death

Young love is fresh as the newest green buds arriving in early spring to shake off the hold of the winter of adolesence and blinding snow lifting the...