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Gold cherry

the little grey lady of the sea

Martha’s Vineyard is running fat with high-end Bermudas Melissa Odabash beachwear - well-heeled bohemia let’s get away take a boat trip to Nantucket...

a persisting of memory on the G.W.R.

can the magic of old dreams be revived? as my train leaves Plymouth for Penzance I picture Clara pottering a garden tending clumps of campion,...
Gold cherry

to Harriet (1956-1987)

I want to wake before dawn again stretch out my arm and find you there beside me. I want to lie in purple half-light listening to the songs of birds...

Lost in a Durham Landscape

I kicked my heels in the living room while Aoife mulled wine in the kitchen above the mantelpiece, a painting (where a mirror ought to be) drew me in...

sleeping with penguins

hypnotic music ‘music for a found harmonium’ fills the room and birdsong through the open window it’s warm today I stand at the door a soft sheet...