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For Miranda

For Miranda picture me as Whistler’s Mother , arranged in black and grey watching a magic-lantern shadow-show ‘ recherche du temps perdu’ us...

sempre Lisboa

out of margarine dry toast for breakfast half a can of beans instant coffee, black - milk’s on the turn I live alone - since I blew it with Esther...
Gold cherry

Brendan, a surprise encounter

a shock bumping into O’Byrne this morning at the Co-op unloading a basket of freesias, Parma violets, Müller yogurts, tinned prunes, custard, and...

another little piece of my heart

the night porter barely looked up ignoring the girl who crept with me from the sea-front hotel he’s seen it all before I’m properly dressed for pre-...

Eleanor, a poignant encounter

I saw Eleanor from far off she wore her trademark sewn-in mirrors in a sparkling red gold blue bandanna she walked unsteadily, like a sailor on shore...


4 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Sat, 25 Jul 2020

I would not claim a Brautigan influence but both my novels end with the word 'mayonnaise' ...

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Posted in Desperate Bastard

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Thanks, Trevor

Posted on Mon, 13 Jul 2020

lovely work - took me back to days on the bank of the River Roding. Not much of a river but great days - it was always warm in summer.

Much enjoyed.



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Posted in Meredith's Sweet-Aired Eden

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Thanks, Drew

Posted on Tue, 14 Jul 2020

I am a fan of the Imagistes and their way of distilling an image succenctly - no frills or fuss. I look better when viewed through thick blindfoldage ...

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Posted in an unknown middle-aged woman

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Hallo, Hilary

Posted on Sun, 05 Jul 2020

It's now some 48 years since I gave away all my possessions and stepped out to find 'god'  - and am still searching albeit I've had a life of quiet miracles, and sometimes hurt, since.

Curiously I am sketching a poem at the moment...

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Posted in Death