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on finding a photo

on finding a photo the photograph was stuck behind a woodworm sideboard, cobweb covered, halfway to the floor, I licked my finger, wiped, and you...

musing in the shine

musing in the shine if I crane my neck the tower block walls stab into the sky twenty-four floors up on the flat roof top I’ve hidden a chair I like...

a path well trodden

a path well trod a broken cello caught Angie’s eye as she rummaged Portobello piles rooting still-edible vegetables she fixed its snapped neck with...


nostalgia I know you’re here, I can smell the patchouli you wore at our first kiss, and our kiss goodbye a re you playing hide ‘n’ seek? remember the...

hugging Lauren at WOMAD (1990)

hugging Lauren at WOMAD (1990) Lauren wandered the showground willing herself into another time, another place, best of all home stroking Beefheart...