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largely unedited - this is a favourite to perform - lotsa room for Frankie Howerd 'styleee' innuendos - on he right day with the right crowd it goes...

Ross and Cromarty

Ross and Cromarty while sauntering the Scottish coast beyond Plockton, past Applecross, though not as far as Ullapool, I was overtaken by a stillness...

a life in a breath

a life in a breath occasioned by Thomas Hardy Thoughts of Phena (1890) that delicate essence captured in a bottle meant for mourning tears wakens...


Eleanor I’m rooted now in mud-flat-land this estuary is not home nor my chosen place to raise a family - but I rolled the dice and fate decided amen...

when these sour days are ended

when these sour days are ended we who have met, but fleetingly, and are kept apart will meet we who dare not speak of love forged in late night calls...