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Assana no one paid much attention to the man wandering Portobello in crumpled suit, shirt and tie, rain splashed shoes, battered trilby and vacant...

Mordechai in Slogger, 1974

Mordechai in Slogger, 1974 rooting books in a box outside ‘ Barney’s Remainders’ in Bermondsey, I picked up Rambling Boyo, a snip at 20 p I stuffed...

some guys

some guys there are good men, decent, everywhere, loving, giving, caring fathers who will never make the headlines - no man sees them - they don’t go...

Flanagan phoned – left a message

Flanagan phoned – left a message 'hope you’re well I’m down your way be nice to catch up I’ll bring some snaps of my latest artwork’ Flanagan had a...

I looked up

I looked up office workers, wives and mothers, oven-ready students, white van drivers, the out of work, and labourers, shuffle mesmerised, eyes down...